ThePlay, Zoot Suit, can be well related to the period that the Zoot Suitbecame adapted. It is with the adoption of the suit that the filmbecame adopted. From the introduction of the play, it is evident thatduring the era, there was immense hatred emanating from segregation.This can be construed by the era during which the Zoot Suit emergedthis was during the World War 2 (Daniels, n.d). At this time, most ofthe individuals were dis-united on the basis of their race. Thisimplied that the emergence of the Zoot Suit as the dressing codecould be associated with a certain race, which implied that the suitcould be associated with a certain group or race that wanted todefend itself. More so, it could be associated with the Blacks sincethere was a lot of racial segregation going on during the era.Because of this, there was likely to be riots associated with theZoot Suit leading to the connection of the play with the era.

Besides,during the era, most of the items and housing had shortages due tothe high pricing. The production of clothing was exceedingly limitedand a part diverted to war efforts this led to changes in theclothing styles. However, the Zoot Suit contradicted the clothingtrend of this time. Even more so, dance and swing bands were usuallypopularized through magazines and films referring to the Zoot Suit(Daniels, n.d). This provided a vast relation of the suit to theplay. In addition, through featuring the Zoot Suit in different newsfeeds such as the magazines and newspapers, it was bound that therewas a need to feature this film since it was the talk of the time.Furthermore, the adaptation of the Zoot Suit was critical in the filmsince it helped in identifying with the culture of the time. It alsoidentified with the historical happenings experienced in the globe.