Onesignificant emotion that emerged while I learnt how to cycle amotorbike entails having self drive. Prior to learning how to cycle,I used to rely on others during trips, where motorcycles wereinvolved. This had given me the thinking that I could not do anythingwithout others. However, upon learning how to drive I have been in aposition of making positive decisions alone since I can go to placesby myself without waiting for the assistance of others. Anothersignificant emotion that I gained by learning how to cycle was thatof assurance in sporting. Prior to learning, I could not engage inmotorcycle racing, but now I can. In addition, learning how to cycleincreased a significant emotion of financial freedom.

Iinitially did not know how to cycle, but I interacted with friendsthat knew how to cycle. I could join friends while going for sports,but could not cycle or engage in the cycling activities since I didnot have the skills. However, one day, I came across a magazine thatreported how one could have financial freedom through engaging inmotorcycle races. It was then that I gained interest for cycling. Icontacted different friends, who knew how to cycle and learnt howthey came to learn cycling. It was after this that I joined cyclingschool for cycling lessons.

Ifelt a sense of self drive since I could move to any place throughcycling without having to contact any other individual. This wasbecause I could cycle myself around without anyone interrupting.Initially, I used to ask friends to join in order to enjoy the rides.Besides, I felt ambitious about sporting since through the cyclinglesson, I could join racing sports like other cyclists. In addition,I felt financially independent by learning how to cycle since thoughthe cycling lesson, it is possible to make money by developing thecareer of cycling just like other motorcyclists that engage in thesport.


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