A Confederalist Speech

A Confederalist Speech 3

AConfederalist Speech

AConfederalist Speech

“Mr.Chairman, fellow House representatives, ladies and gentlemen, I wouldlike to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of you forlistening to me.

Iwould like to take this chance to talk about the great subjectregarding the importation of slavery. In relation to this practice,today we have a chance to make history. As I stand in front of thehonorable members, I am grateful to be a bearer of a platform thatwill give birth to a new life. A new life for people condemned toslavery, by others who look only at the much wealth they can createby enslaving others. It is clear that the importation of slavesendangers human rights as well as their privileges. Consequently, itis very vital to have an effective law that protects human beingsfrom slavery.

Personally,I strongly condemn and disagree with people who opt for free or cheaplabor in order to obtain production or wealth. I condemn slavery withall the strongest terms possible because it is a practice that isinhuman and against the ideals that this country is founded on. Thiscountry is founded on the values of respecting basic human rights,freedoms and liberties. However, slavery, in all its perspectivesviolates the ideals that we hold to develop the future of Americawith. One vital thing that you should understand is that importingpeople and holding them against their will infringes on their humanrights.

Withreference to this, I stand before this house to propose a bill thatwill seek to ban slavery in the United States. The passing of the lawwill imply that individuals will have the privilege to enjoy theirhuman rights whilst actions will be taken against those breaking it.This bill is so important to the future of the country, both on theeconomic agenda and leading the world as a human rights champion.Therefore, I urge all the members of this honorable house to supportthe bill in all its stages, and pass it into law.

Afterthe passing of the law, it will become illegal for any person toimport slaves into the United States from any region with theintention of holding, selling, or disposing them or holding them tolabor. The law will also make it illegal to hold any citizen of theunited states in any region as a slave in American soil. In addition,the law will focus on the need to curb evolution of a new type ofslavery, disguised in the form of cheap voluntary labor. Therefore,this law will make it illegal, for any resident of the United Statesto hold another citizen at work, with unequal compensation. The lawwill seek to standardize the payment of workers at a rate that ishuman enough to give all workers a decent livelihood.

Thislaw will apply to all the citizens of the United States of Americawho engage in the business or practice of slave trade. Kindly allowme sir to mention that although most people are aware about thisbehavior, and they know the negative consequences of the inhumantreatment involved. Instead, people tend to ignore the negativeimplications slave trade has on the victims, both physical andpsychological consequences. It is, therefore, our duty as honorableleaders, to create awareness of the dangers of the slave trade andthe importance of free labor to our country.

AsI finish, I would like to thank you for listening to me. It is mygreat pleasure to have tackled this subject today, in this house. Ibelieve that the honorable members will support this bill and leadthe way towards the end of slavery.”