Abortion, Social Responsibility and the Way People Value Human Life


Abortion,Social Responsibility and the Way People Value Human Life

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Abortion,Social Responsibility and the Way People Value Human Life.

Thesis:People should not authorize abortion because of these accompanyingreasons: It is a murder, since it involves taking the life of theunborn child.

  1. Abortion is murder

  1. Abortion is taking life from an innocent being. Abortion is murder no matter how people may try to argue. For instance, just because some of the organs of the fetus are not formed yet, it does not mean that it is not human being. Moreover, it is the worst form of murder because it involves killing of an innocent party.

  1. Personhood starts immediately after the fetus becomes viable.

  2. The fetus has an independent life.

  3. Those who support abortion never argue that it is not a murder

  4. The fetus is an innocent being, and it cannot fight for its rights.

  1. Nobody has the right to end the life of an alternate individual.

Fetusremoval is ending a life that has barely been started. It has beenscientifically proven that a new human being or organism is formedfrom the time of conception when a single cell of the embryo isformed. Nobody has the right deliberately to achieve the demise of aguiltless person

  1. Religious values.

  2. Law and abortion.

  3. Human values (Boonin, 2011).

  1. Abortion is immoral

  1. Abortion as a tool to evade responsibilities

  1. Carrier choice over pregnancy

  2. Degrading human life

  3. Abortions done to prevent a projected medical condition or a disability

  1. Abortion as a normal way of life in the modern society. Quite a while back, when women would get pregnant she would have a child. Today unplanned pregnancies are solved by a strategy called abortion.

  1. Rate of birth success in the past

  2. Women are having recurrent abortions

  3. Teenagers accounting for 30% of abortions as a result of premarital sex (Shrage, 2003).

  1. Abortion is a selfish act. Irresponsible people use abortion as an answer for their unplanned pregnancies.

  1. Does the mother consider the unborn child?

  1. A child should not come to the world unwanted

  2. Mothers selfish desires to keep a career yet there is maternity leave privilege

  3. The fetus rights are not considered. If a woman chooses to end the life of an infant just because of her wish then, this means that she made a selfish choice.

  1. Fetus removal is a questioning issue

  1. Lack of ability to support a child should not be a reason for abortion

  2. There is always an option adoption(Reiman, 2009).

  1. Abortion has physical and psychological side effects

  1. The long-term emotional side effects. Abortion can be a traumatic experience especially if the patient was very young or forced by circumstances to do it. In addition, most people fill guilty and take time to come to terms with their decision.

  1. The woman haunted by self-conscience/ guilt.

  2. Need for counseling

  1. Physical and health risks

  1. Illegal abortion and unqualified practitioners

  2. Risk of complications in later pregnancies. If the abortion is done in a wrong way, the mother can get an infection that can be a start to some health complications or even infertility. These doctors may be not qualified. However, they will still put their patient at risk for the love of money (McDonagh, 2010).

  1. Conclusion

Abortionis immoral and selfish act. It should only be allowed under medicalconditions. For instance, if the mother’s life is at risk.


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