refers to the deliberate removal of a fetus at the request of themother. Usually, the issue of abortion focuses on law and politics.However, the fundamental of ethics has not been given the attentionit deserves. Many believe that the law should not focus on themorality of it, but they fail to understand that a good law should bebased on moral values. Even though abortion is allowed in manycountries, its ethical implication cannot be ignored. violates moral ethics thus, it should be banned (Beckwith, 2007).

Underany circumstances, abortion is wrong because the fetus has rights tolife. Further, abortion challenges the concept of the sanctity ofhuman life. It should be noted that the life of a person begins atconception. Therefore, abortion at any stage of the fetus is the sameas killing a person. This argument is based on moral conviction thatlife has an intrinsic value that cannot be diminished by anysuffering or impairment that may be involved for that individualliving in that life. Fetus is an innocent human being that relies onthe mother for support for a period of nine months. Therefore, it hasthe rights to live just like other people. Killing it amounts tounjustified murder of an innocent human being (Harris, 2011).

Despitethe arguments on the personhood of a fetus, it feels pain just likeother born human beings. There is also a convincing argument that afetus can feel pain at ten weeks of gestation period, while othersclaim that it feels pain after 26 weeks. Although there is no medicalevidence that the fetus feels pain, it is imprudent to neglect thefact that it feels pain just like human beings. This means thatremoving the fetus from the womb of a mother inflicts much pain tothe unborn human being. If the fetus has the capacity to feel paintherefore, it is a human being that should not be harmed. It ismorally disturbing to learn that abortion inflicts pain to aninnocent child that has no capacity to defend itself.

Humanbeings should be responsible for their actions. As such, pregnantmothers should take the responsibility of their actions fully. Ifthey voluntarily act in a way that may bring about the existence ofanother human being, then they have a responsibility of maintainingthat life at all costs. As such, abortion is wrong for mothers whohad sex willingly having in mind that they have the rights to choosewhether to become pregnant or not. This view argues that the mothershould face the consequences of her choices without complaining. Theyhave a duty to take care of their fetus or moral person.

Manypeople who allow abortion argue that it liberates women. However,this is not true. In fact, it gives the society an opportunity not tocater for the needs of women. The women’s need for equality cannotbe achieved by allowing abortion, but by giving them what they needto survive while pregnant. The main reasons why women seek abortionare because they lack the necessary means for their survival. Thus,the problem is not that they are pregnant, but because they lack thenecessary facilities for their survival. Further, allowing abortionis seen as a male plot. Men perceive the risk of pregnancy assomething that stops them from having sex freely. In this case, ifabortion was to be availed freely, it would give men the freedom tohave sex and take advantage of women because of reducedresponsibilities thanks to abortions. It makes men less responsibleif abortion is to be allowed freely. Worth noting is that, in somecases, abortion denies fathers the rights of the fetus. This issue israrely discussed because people assume that the mother is the onlyperson with the duty of taking care of the fetus. They fail torecognize the rights of the fathers in cases where the father wantsthe child, and the mother does not want. It is wrong for a mother tocarry on an abortion while the father of the child wants his baby.When women are allowed to take abortion freely, they are likely to doso even without consulting the father of the child who is equallyimportant in making decisions about his child. Therefore, a woman whopursues abortion against the will of the child’s father is morallywrong as she deprives one parent the rights to a child (Beckwith,2007).

Despitethe claims that women have the rights to their bodies and can hencepursue abortion if they desire to, it remains unethical and morallywrong. Women should take their responsibility of taking care of thefetus at all costs. Even though they may lack the necessary resourcesfor taking care of a child, there are several people who are willingto adopt it. In addition, abortion kills an innocent potential humanbeing who has equal rights to life. Whenever a person thinks ofabortion, she should ask herself what if she was aborted. It is, assuch, the duty of all to advocate for antiabortion laws to restorehuman dignity and the rights to life for all (Boonin, 2003).


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