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Request to:Blue Cross Blue Shield ofMassachusetts

For a grant of ($200,000) tofacilitate our Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention Program

Organization CommunityHealth Link, Incd

Project Name (if any):Youth Mobile CrisisIntervention Team (YMCIT)

Organizational Information

1. Organization’s History:

Theorganization began in 1991,atThayer Institute agency programfollowing the closure of Worcester City Hospital and Rutland HeightsHospital. Community Health Link is an affiliate to the University OfMassachusetts Department Of Psychiatry.In 1995, Worcester AreaCommunity Mental Health Centre was transformed to Community Healthlink, Inc. (CHL) to reflect the agency`s growth, expansion andcontinuum in health care management. In&nbsp1996CHL merged with Faith House&nbspasubstance abuse treatment facility for women.Later in 1997,CommunityHealth Link (CHL) merged with Worcester Youth Guidance Centreexpanding its services for children and adolescents.&nbspHome link,a program which provided case management to chronically ill andhomeless adults was introduced to the Community Health link’s HOAPin 2002.

In 2004the Worcester Youth Guidance Centre adopted a new name “Youth andFamily Services” to reflect the services provided each year to morethan 3,000 children, teens and their families in Worcester and NorthCentral Massachusetts. In 2006,a Family Crisis Support Service wasintroduced in partnership with HealthAlliance Hospital in Leominster.In2007, Community Health linkreceived funding from the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services to beginan inpatient detoxification and stabilization program foradolescents.It is within this precinct that MotivatingYouth Recovery (MYR) program wasdeveloped. TheYouthMobile crisis Intervention programis located in Worcester.

2. Organizational Goals andObjectives (short-term and/or long-term):

The objective of the program(grant proposal) is to create a pilot program which allows forchildren already seen by YMCI to have an opportunity for `Wrap aroundservices.&quot

Wrap around services is anintensive, individualized care management process for the youths whohave various complex needs. It is a means of assisting youths withserious behavioral and emotional needs in the community and at home.The Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention team plan for individualizedcare plan with the support of community, relatives and familymembers. The overall goal of the pilot program is to help improvecommunity health among the youths and the community as well. Youthsare faced with various problems arising from drug abuse, juvenile andpsychological development problems.

3. Programs and Services(briefly describe your organization’s programs and services):

YouthMobile Crisis Interventionis a component of the Children’sBehavioural Health Initiative.The Children’s Behavioural Health Initiative is an interagencyinitiative of the Commonwealth’s.YMCIis a mobile, community-based resource for youth in crisis and theirfamilies.’ TheYMCI team helps youth and their families during a crisis byproviding: assessment, intervention, stabilization and links tocommunity resources.

4. Organizational Structure(board, staff, volunteers):

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Proposal Information

(If you are requesting generaloperating support, provide information about your organizationsoverall purpose, operating needs, and strategic plans.)

5. Description ofProgram/Project:

Youth Mobile Crisis is designedmainly for Mass health children. The YMCI team helps children andtheir families during a crisis by providing: Assessment,Intervention, Stabilization and linking them to community resources.This pilot program will evaluate and provide ongoing services forchildren with private insurance. Service such as &quotwrap aroundservices&quot following client for 30 days providing clinical andcase managing services.&nbsp

6. Description of Need (Whatis the issue you plan to address? What is your approach? Whatresearch supports your idea? How does your strategy differ fromothers in the field?):

We wish to create a pilot programfor YMCI for children in &quotWrap around Services for privateinsurances after an evaluation has been completed and providingclinical and case managing services. It is a means of assistingyouths with serious behavioral and emotional needs in the communityand at home. In particular the program will target assessment ofteens’ health, drug abuse and alcoholism, juvenile and otherbehavioral problems. In this case the Youth Mobile CrisisIntervention team will collaboratively plan for individualized careplan with the support of community, relatives and family members.

7. Specific Activities(Include information about service delivery and/or timeline.):

Youth Mobile Crisis Interventiontrained professionals will travel to the youth’s home, school,residential program, or other community setting, as well as EmergencyDepartments at local hospitals, to provide on-site evaluation andcrisis intervention services. Through the program we will evaluateand provide ongoing services for children with private insuranceservices such as the &quotwrap around services.&quot The wraparound plan entails formal services and intervention services,providing assistance to individuals through the family socialnetworks. The team will be meeting frequently to assess the planagainst components of research and relevant indicators of success.Plan components and strategies are revised when outcomes are notbeing achieved.

8. Objectives and Goals forthis Request (How will this grant strengthen the organization,address the issues, make improvements, or achieve success?):

The grant will help cover theemployment of a clinician and the case manager. The clinician and thecase manager are important in this program their services will behelpful in planning and implementing the individualized health casemanagement for the children and the youths. The program cannot beeffective without the services of skilled professionals. As such, thegrant will be used as remuneration to the employed skilled personnelas a way of motivating them to work hard in ensuring that theobjective of the program is attained as well as helping thecommunity.

9. Evaluation (What are theanticipated outcomes and how will you know if you are successful?):

We hope to enhance a moreindividualized health care program among the youths as a way ofimproving the welfare of the community. In particular, we anticipatereduced levels of drug abuse, alcoholism, motivated and hardworkingyouths. The Youth Mobile Crisis program will facilitate health careprogram on children already seen by YMCI have an opportunity of `Wraparound services’. In addition, we hope to be financiallysustainable while providing the community with good health andsafety.

10. Other (Use this space toprovide any additional information that you feel would be relevant tothis grant request that is not covered in the sections above orrespond to any other questions an individual grant maker may have.):

Youth Mobile Crisis for Masshealth children is a person-focused, culturallysensitive/responsive service program that is committed to provideservices to people who are vulnerable and actively participating ininnovative research. We strive to empower and promote the wellbeingof the individuals and families we serve, as well as the caring andinnovative staff who provide our valuable services.&nbsp

Budget Information

The grant request made to BlueCross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will be used to cover theemployment of a clinician and a case manager. The amount required is$ 200000 to cover the budget deficit. The program budget alsoincludes salaries and benefits for other personnel (ten supportivestaffs at an annual salary of $ 100000 and $300,000 benefit package.Other expenses are as indicated in the attached budget.

11. Use this section below toindicate what funding you have received from other foundations, andfrom which other foundations you plan to seek funding. Describe anyunusual or special circumstances and provide anexplanation/justification of funding request and the amount.

Thetotal Funding received from the Foundation and corporate grantsamounted to $32 234 487. The deficit of $ 200000 in the budget issought from BlueCross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. The funds will be used to hire aclinician and a case manager for the program.

Wrap around services (moredetails)

This is a form of anindividualized healthcare management system for youths undergoingvarious problems and complex needs. In particular ‘wrap around’services are focused on assisting individuals cope and heal fromemotional and behavioral problems at home or community. This serviceis offered by a team of dedicated and specialized professional incollaboration with community members family, relatives or friend sof the affected teens. After initial assessment and collectinginformation from the patients, the team develops an individualizedcare management approach that is used to systematically assist thepatient recover. In this case, the services of a care manager and aclinician are used.

The key components to the successof this method are through effective partnership with the communitymembers, having enough funds, support personnel and skilledfacilitators case manager and a clinician/nurse. Important servicesrendered under the scope of ‘wrap around services’ includemobile therapy services, behavioral specialist consulting,therapeutic staff support and psychological evaluations. Therefore,it is based on this foundation that Youth Mobile Crisis InterventionTeam bases their strategy in the aim of alleviating health problemsfaced by the youths andtheir families in Worcester and North Central Massachusetts. However,the YMCI is a pilot program to assess the efficacy and impact of thisprogram in the community.

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