Alexander the Great

Alexanderthe Great

Alexanderthe Great

Thisessay talks about . He was the Macedonian Kingthat inherited the throne after the assassination of his father KingPhillip II in 336 BC( the great inherited a delicate throne that had immensedomestic and external challenges that threatened his overthrow. Hisshrewdness enabled him to conquer the enemies of his kingdom andreasserted the power of Macedonia in Greece. On gaining stability athome Alexander decided to begin the conquest of the massive PersianEmpire. He rose against all odds to defeat all the Persianterritories within Asia extending to Egypt without any single defeatof his army.

Themost remarkable victory registered in history is the Battle ofGaugamela (the present Iraq) that took place in 331 BC where he ranover Gaugamelan soldiers and conquered it. These victories extendinghis authority across the minor Asia Minor and the Pharaoh of Egyptand eventually the entire Persian Empire at only age 25(Farmer, 1926). The vast areathat fell under his territory was placed under the same links ofinternational trade and commerce. This led to the establishment ofover 70 cities that was united under the same Greek language andcultures (Bartholomees, 2005, September 22).Alexander the great had to adapt to other foreign culture for him torule and understand the culturally diverse empire that stretchedacross continents.

Alexanderthe great died while considering attacking Carthage and Rome. Hesuffered from malaria and later succumbed to it while in Babylon onthe 13thof June 323 BC (

.He was just 23 years old at his death. His wife gave birth to his sona few months after Alexander’s death (Demi, 2010).The empire began to collapse due to the absence of his wit andshrewdness. His legacy influenced Greek culture and the Orient. Itbecame the basis of Pan-Hellenism that remains the greatest aspect ofGreek culture and spirit.



Thisis a picture of taken as taken from the nationalarcheological museum in Athens. This is a primary source because itwas retrieved from some of the medieval drawings in the past.

Farmer,H. G. (1926). “ The Horn of ”. Journal ofthe Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain &amp Ireland, 58(03),500-503.

Thisis a journal that describes the life and times of Alexander thegreat. It has the accounts of different modern and ancient scholarsof history to discuss the character of Alexander the great.

Demi,. (2010). . New York: Marshall CavendishChildren.

Thisis book provides the biography of Alexander the great as atranslation of the written accounts that were originally in Greek. Inthe synopsis provides insights about the book and the letters thatPhillip II wrote to his son Alexander and his Turkish wife.


AllTime Top Box Office Movies. (n.d.). : !##! Watch Singh Saab theGreat (2013) Online Full Movie. Retrieved June 18, 2014, from

Thisis a film that dramatizes the life of Alexander the great

Bartholomees,J. B. (2005, September 22). Alexander, Killer of Men: Alexander theGreat and the Macedonian Art of War.(Book Review). Parameters,67, 60-112.

Anarticle that reviews different books about Alexander the great

Thisis a secondary source. The BBC historical websites is an onlinerepresentation of what is contained in the BBC historical journal.The account about Alexander the great derives information from theancient books of Greek history and the spread of western civilizationto the rest of the world.

Thisvideo clip talks about Alexander the great as a classroom tutorial.It is a dramatization of the early life and boyhood of Alexander theGreat, and the subsequent conquest of nations. The battle scenesrepresent the expansion of the empire. The focus of this historicalaccount represents the techniques that Alexander used to integratehis empire.

Thisis a secondary source. It is a documentary about that uses pictorial representation and other medieval pictures andinterviews of historical scholars to provide information about theachievements of Alexander and his peculiar historical figure.

Thisweb link provides the map of Alexander’s conquests. It is asecondary source because the information therein was derived from theancient sources such as the accounts of ancient historians such asPlutarch, Arian, and Curtius.

Theinternet source provides art work about Alexander the great. It ishas photographs of sculptures of Alexander the great.