American Assembly for Men in Nursing

AmericanAssembly for Men in Nursing

AmericanAssembly for Men in Nursing.


AAMNin nursing is an organisation that fights for gender inclusion in theprofession of nursing by creating a collective learning andbelongingness environment that enables the members to excel in thenursing profession


AAMNcreates a framework that helps men as nurses to meet, debate,deliberate and influence factors that affect them in the career. Itis a forum where professionals in the health care industry meet toenergize each other.

Missionand Vision


Themission of the organisation is to support male nurses to ensure theirprofessional growth and highlight the contribution of men nurses inthe profession.


Toensure that men’s participation in the nursing profession is fullyrealized through continued research and dissemination of informationthat relates to men in the profession, men health issues and theknowledge that men need to have both at the national and local levels


AAMNassists professionals in the nursing and health care profession todevelop professionally and personally in a manner that strengthensand humanizes human health.


Anynurse regardless of their gender is eligible to join AAMN. Membershipis not restricted by creed, lifestyle, race, social class, religion,gender, nationality or colour considerations (AAMN 2013). Membershipis renewable every year on a January to December basis.


Thismembership is meant for companies and organisations that provideservices to the entire healthcare profession or industry

NextMeeting Agenda

Theagenda will be how as health care professionals we can respond to thechallenges posed by the new Affordable Health Care Act that waspassed and enacted recently by the government.


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