American popular culture has a significant role of transforming


Americanpopular culture has a significant role of transforming perceptions ofpeople from other countries. Possibly, American pop culture can bedescribed as the most fascinating source of soft power in America.This is because of its global appeal thanks to the entertainmentindustry and famous pop icons such as Madonna. As a result, almostthe whole global population can readily gain access as consumers, andthus inevitably intriguing. This paper will analyze Hollywood movieswhich are arguably the most effective tool of soft power abroad.

Hollywoodis already global and more dominant in the international economicmarket. This is evidenced by the growing fame of Hollywood stars.Hollywood movies such as Avatar depict the American popular culturewhich is highly in style in the modern world. Generally, Hollywoodfilms depict American culture as liberal, democratic, free, open andindividualistic. Consequently, this have a significant impact in theway teenagers and youngsters globally behave because they haveembraced these values. In fact, those individuals who are affected bythe soft power may not be aware of the effects, and may change theirvalues, ideas and practices willingly. Hollywood can be used as asoft power amidst the negative views to improve the image of theAmerican popular culture. Alternatively, the popular American culturedispersion is evident in the current westernization and culturalimperialism trends taking place in the modern society. As a matter offact, the attraction or repulsion of the American popular culturesglobally by different regions may either ease or harden thepossibilities of American officials to promote foreign policies (Nye,2004).

Insummary, Hollywood producers as well as their products play a hugerole of inspiring dreams and desires of other people globally. Thebenefit of building up soft power is to increase trade and exchangeof ideas thus highly profitable. This is due to the state of highlybeing emulated where other countries try to be replicate Americanpolicies and interests as a role model. However, the effectiveness ofany of power often depends with its message contents to bedisseminated as well as the chosen tools for distribution.

Issuespopular culture as soft power can possibly resolve

Thepotentials of soft power cannot be undermined. First, soft power canbe used to solve terrorism. This is because other countries will bewilling to cooperate on terrorism issues depending on the position ofAmerican as a soft power. As a result, other countries globally willwant what United States of America wants since their policies seemlegitimate in their eyes. Globally, all countries use soft poweragainst terrorism by merely taking the message to the targeted peoplethrough the media. To win the war against terror and prevent globalnuclear war, United States leadership always seeks to prevent nuclearweapon proliferation, and this contributes to the global stability.Secondly, soft power helps to solve and promote the issue ofdemocracy. Soft power is more than cultural power and may help topromote human rights policies in different countries, and especiallyin this information era soft power is significant (Nye, 2004).

Inconclusion, America can only influence other nations but not controlthem. However, as mentioned in this paper, the soft power concept canbe used to deal effectively with new challenges and threats. This isbecause soft power has become an essential part in the politicalarsenal.


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