Ancient Paintings


Artis a means of social expression in which artists use differenttalents to express themselves. The purpose of art is to highlight afeature of society and societal values that characterize differentsocieties. Art has been used for many decades for different purposesand paintings are one form of art that has been existence for manydecades. The Indianapolis museum has many art collections from acrossthe world that has their roots in different societies and historictimes. Art is thus a cultural artifact that represents differentsocieties.

TheNew York, New Haven and Hartford that was created in 1931and it was apainting that represented the lonely rural life that characterizedlife after people moved to urban areas. The painting was by HoppeEdward, and he painted the art using oil paint on canvas. The majortheme explored by Edward was that of loneliness in the countrysideespecially after the depression where large tracts of land were leftbare after the owners moved to urban areas when farming stopped beingprofitable (IMA1).The painting uses typical countryside colors such as green to showthe productivity of the land an incorporates a railway line to showthe advent of capitalism and how land is no longer used for theproduction of food only. The painting measures 32* 50, and it has asmooth texture. Edward was himself from the East Coast, and he hadexperienced a new life.

“Madonnaand Child with St. John the Baptist and St. Mary Magdalene” (IMA 1)was a painting by Nerocciodi Bartolommeo de` Landithat was created in 1945 (IMA 1). The painting was influenced by theBiblical story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The painting was paintedon wood, and it featured Landi’s famous religious themes as mostItalian artists. The painting sought to humanize Jesus by paintinghim naked so as to show that he took human form when he was born onearth (IMA 1). The painting used bright colors to depict the humannature of Biblical stories and it had a rough texture so as to showthe human nature of the characters in biblical stories. The paintinghas rough edges for clothes and hair so as to show the human form ofthe characters.

Thetwo paintings discussed above feature two critical events in historythat were important in their respective cultures. The painting byEdward featured the story of loneliness that was introduced byefficient transport systems that facilitated rural- to- urbanmigration, which then left rural areas lonely (IMA 1). On the otherhand, the painting by Landi featured the biblical story of Jesus,which was important to the Italian society that was deeply religious.The story also brought out the theme of religion, which characterizedthe Italian society, which was for many years constructed aroundreligious teachings.

However,Edward’s painting was smooth, and it showed a relaxed yet desolateenvironment. The houses show that the area is deserted and due to thelack of human interruption, the land has become natural and smooth.The smoothness of the painting shows the easy life in the countrysideand the relaxed atmosphere. The railway was meant to show howmodernity facilitated the loneliness that was in the rural areas. Thepainting by Landi, on the other hand, was rough, and this was meantto show the imperfection of human beings. The painting also showedthat humanity was characterized by nudity, and everything wasacquired on earth. The two paintings also differed in their themes,where Edward’s painting was based on modernity while Landi’spainting was influenced by religion.


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