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AnnotatedBibliography and Overview


Weare all bounded by enormous amount of advertising. Advertising is adimensionless area of focus. It can be perceived as a constituent ofan economic realm, a kind of communication channel, and a way ofproviding funds to the mass media. Many businesses are usingadvertising as a means of motivating variety of markets towardsperceived level of responses. The forms of advertising includes butnot restricted to retail advertising, trade advertising, nationaladvertising, industrial advertising, idea advertising , andprofessional advertising. Therefore, advertising requires massiveresearch, tactical decisions, and strategic plans, as theseconstitute advertising process. In this case, the tendency is tojustify why advertising is useful, and if it worth hefty sums offunds spent on it. Therefore, the advertising research will attemptto answer this research question in academic perspectives.

Additionally,the information technology is has made it possible for thecomputer-mediated advertising environment, which has eliminated theconventional one-to-many channel of communication approach ofadvertising. Thus, the capability of the computing power has providedmarketers with a likelihood of grappling with customer’spreferences, integrated strategy of marketing, and productdevelopment. Moreover, internet is increasingly becoming analternative source of data collection and advertising. The evaluationof the advertising usefulness is a vigorous area of interest within aresearch community capitalizing on advertising. The most significantservices in advertising based on computer infrastructure arescheduling, analysis, prediction, and evaluation of the usefulness ofadvertising.

Theresearch on the usefulness of advertising is influenced by a numberof factors or variables. These factors are important in measuring theusefulness of the advertising and thus, they will be used to test thehypothesis of the research. These variables include but notrestricted to consumers, advertisements, media, product or service,and environment. Additionally, the advertising research will includeliterature review that will offer great insight and empirical datawhich has been found by other scholars. Furthermore, the researchwill involve methodology that will provide both qualitative andquantitative analysis of data.


Beri,G C. MarketingResearch.New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill, 2008. Print. Pp 449. The source seeks toaddress the importance of the advertising through media such asTelevision, advertising agencies, magazines and newspaper. The sourcealso provide theoretical framework through which numerous approachescan be used to develop a comprehensive advertising research.

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GERARDJ. TELLIS. A Journal on “Generalizationsabout Advertising Effectiveness in Markets.”Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, May,2009. PP. 240-244. The source stipulate that the evaluation of theadvertising usefulness in the markets involve identifying marketresponse to a business’s advertising or brand’s advertising. Itcategorizes the advertising research into advertising weight,elasticity, content, frequency and wear-in or wear-out.

JunweiCao. Journalon Evaluationof Advertising Effectiveness Using Agent-Based Modeling andSimulation.Departmentof Computer Science, University of Warwick, Bristol, 1999. Pg. 3.This sources the major factors related to the evaluation ofadvertising usefulness. The author says that major factors describingdetermining the usefulness of the advertising include but notrestricted to consumer, product or service, environment, mediumchosen, and advertisement. He adds that these factors can be studiedin a variety of manifestations.

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