Anti-Hero in Modern Drama

Anti-Heroin Modern Drama

Thelast decade was a period when the world, especially Americainternalized the impact of the historical events that wereexperienced since the 1960’s to date. These events were as a resultof people using unpleasant means to achieve desired results, such aswar to get political stability. Consequently, the events haveinspired the creative industry to use anti-heroes characters thatreflect the real world. This discussion illustrates that the use ofanti-heroes is a direct reflection of the creation of the same in thesociety.

Theuse of anti-heroes shows the changing American culture in relation tothe adherence of the social, economic and political norms. Inspiredby characters that do not follow the norms, American theatre reflectswhat is happening to the society (Michael1).The culture of the society is gradually changing to focus on thedesired results other than the means of doing things. The charactersalso show the level of moral degradation that requires people to useunconventional means to circumvent the norms of the country.

Theapplication of the literary theory is important in the understandingof the use of anti-hero characters in drama and theatre productions.The application of imagination by the drama creators leads to thecreation of such characters that describe the behavior in thecommunity (Michael1).The use of these characters is inspired by the understanding of thesocial, economic and political structures that reflect the powers andthe history of the society. Through the same understanding, theaudience identifies with theatre productions and characters sincethey reflect what the society is like.

Anti-Heroin TV Series, 24

Ina mix of traits of the main character who sacrifices moral values forgreater good, 24 adapt a unique aspect of anti-hero in the name ofJack Bauer. Mr. Bauer commonly uses the most unpleasant ways to getthings done in almost all his dealings. He understands theconspiracies in the political and economic structure of the countrythat he uses unconventional and unpleasant means to prevent crime.Inspired by the rise of terrorism in the country, TV series presentsBauer as a character who understands that the corrupt andbureaucratic social and political structures make the countryvulnerable to attacks (Smith 1). Therefore, to prevent adversity,Bauer uses his courage and smart thinking skills to use unpleasantmeans to get the desired results making him an anti-hero.

Asan anti-hero, Bauer is flawed because he constantly breaks the lawand uses illegal means of questioning government officers andcriminals alike. He adopts threats as one of his most valuable assetsof getting information for his role. In the larger part of most ofthe season, Bauer is seen working against the government as a way ofavoiding bureaucracies. However, he is not a villain because he getsresults done at the right time to prevent many terrorist attacks.

Theaudience is sympathetic to Bauer since he mostly ends up as thevictim despite sacrificing himself and the family to secure thecountry. In every criminal or terrorist attack, he stops, he ismostly condemned by the government and ends up running away as afugitive. Because of his concern for the country, the audiences ofthe TV series celebrate Bauer, making him a popular character in thepopular culture. Due to the success of his means of doing things, thetrend does not seem to change. This is evident from the continuanceof the character in all episodes of the TV series.


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