Art Spiegelman`s Survivor Guilt in Maus (Depression, Suicide (Art`s, Vladek`s, Anja`s)

ArtSpiegelman’s Survivor Guilt in Maus: (Depression, Suicide (Art`s,Vladek`s, Anja`s)

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Depressionoccurs when people face traumatizing experiences or similaratrocities. Notably, the extent of depression, likeliness to sufferposttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal ideation depend on whatexperiences survivors had gone through. Survivors who has seen ordirectly experienced atrocities had more difficulties relating withothers. In the study, the types and severity of traumaticexperiences suffered by Holocaust survivors had implications on thelevel of depression and their relationships with themselves andothers: these results are applicable to survivors of similarexperiences.

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Depressionis an inevitable emotional distress that survivors of painful andshocking ordeals face. The Holocaust survivors suffer from shock dueto witnessed suicides and atrocities. This is seen in Spiegelman’sMaus, where Vladek suffers depression after a traumatic experiencewhere his wife, Anja, took her own life. Death or suicide of a familymember or close friend is seen as one of the main causes ofdepression.

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Afterbeing told of his mother’s suicide, Art recognizes survivor’ssevere psychic pain and depression. Through an epitaph, “MenopausalDepression” Art portrays his discreet memories and shows adepressed second-generation witness who takes the suffering of theatrocities as his own. Arguably, this affects his relationships withother people and views regarding them as portrayed in his book. Beingenmeshed in guilt of not saving Anja, his mother, Artie falls intomelancholy blaming himself.