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American tradition in Literature

The film “sleepy Hollow” by Tim Burton is a retelling of thestory “The legend of sleepy Hollow” by Irving. However, the filmtakes a revisionist approach of with regard to the character ofIchabod Crane. The story and the film manifest a number ofsimilarities in terms of the role of the characters, as well as thetheme. However, there are a few aspects in the film, which differfrom the descriptions in the story. Despite these few differencesbetween the story and the film, this paper will solely focus on thesimilarities of the two.

In both the story and the film, Crane and Brom Van Brunt arecompeting in their quest to fall in love with the daughter of VanTassels. The theme of love has been explored in both the story andthe 1999 horror film. This is not only theme that has been exploredin the story and in the film. The theme of supernatural powers hasalso been a key part of the two genres of art. The residents of theSleepy Hollow tend to believe and fear the supernatural powers, whichmakes them believe there is a headless horseman within their locality(Perkins 329). There is also the similarity in terms of thecharacters who are present in the story and in the film. The headlesshorseman has been evident in the two pieces of art. The presence ofthe beautiful lady, Katrina and the Van Tassels family also indicatesthat a presence of these characters is in both the story and thefilm. Additionally, Crane and Brunt are also conspicuously present inboth works of art.

In both the story and the film, Crane is an outsider who comes tothe secluded and sequestered glen, sleepy hollow. Although in thestory he is a mischievous school master while in the film he is aconstable, it is evident that he does not believe in the tales aboutsupernatural powers until he comes face to face with the headlessman. This has made Crane to discover the truth about the SleepyHollow. It is also evident that the atmosphere that pervades the twolocations described in the movie and in the story are the same. Thetorn down houses in the film found in the sleepy hollow attract thefeeling of fear and supernatural powers pervading the locality(Tauchert 2). Equally, the story depicts the location having a drowsyand a dreamy influence. The resemblance of the environments is amajor similarity between the two works of art.

Another major similarity between the story and the film is seen inthe presence of the woods in which Crane finds out the truth withregard to the headless man. In the story, the schoolmaster isencounters the cloaked rider in the woods at an intersection in swamp(Perkins 331). Similarly, Crane, now the constable in the film,discovers, together with Katrina and Masbeth, the opening in thewoods where the headless man passes through towards his hiding place.In this regard, the presence of the woods and trees and theassociation of them with the supernatural powers is evident.

Whereas there might be various difference between the film, sleepyHollow by Tim Burton and the story “The legend of sleepy Hollow”by Irving, it also clearly evident that the two have tremendoussimilarities. Be it the characters, the setting or the themes, thetwo have been identified as having major similarities.

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