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Summary of “The Cask of Amontillado”

The Cask of Amontillado is a famous short story, which was narratedby Montresor in 1846. The main theme of the story is revenge, whichMontresor lodges against his friend Fortunato. Montresor accuses theFortunato and his clan of attacking and killing his relatives, hencethe need for revenge (Perkins 42). In order to revenge, Montresorused Fortunato’s love of wine and liquor as a trick to dragFortunato to his death trap. Montresor lies to Fortunato that thereis some wine in the vault, which he believes is Amontillado. AsFortunato goes behind the wall in the vault to taste the wine,Montresor buries him alive. Montresor builds a wall, which coversFortunato. During this event, Fortunato is heavily intoxicated withwine and could not comprehend what was unfolding (Perkins 429).

Summary of “Young Goodman Brown”

Young Goodman Brown is a short and extremely captivating story thatwas weaved in 1835 by the famous American writer, NathanielHawthorne. The story’s main theme surrounds the faith of thePuritans. The Puritans faith states that humanity exists inwickedness and the story basis its argument on this assumption. Theauthor uses symbolism in the story to describe the enormous hypocrisythat is prevalent in the Puritan faith and culture (Perkins 448). Thejourney of Goodman to the forest is used as the symbol to manifestthe hypocrisy in the Puritan faith. The man meets a witch and a devilin the forest and he ultimately loses his virtue and faith. The termfaith has been used symbolically to represent his wife, whom he leftbehind, who was called Faith. After his horrifying experience in theforest, Brown shuns all Christians and his wife and returning toSalem. From since then, Brown continued to view every person as eviland he had a miserable life (Perkins 449).

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