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Summary of “The Cask of Amontillado”

This has been described as one of the best short stories by Poewhich is full of irony and whose every sentence contributes to theoverall meaning. The 1846 short story narrated by Montresor, focuseson his revenge against his friend Fortunato. Montresor lies toFortunato that the wine, which he believes is Amontillado, is hiddenbehind the walls in the vault (Perkins 428). The author portraysMontresor as a person who believes that the clan of Fortunato isattacking him and his relatives. Since Fortunato loved wine,Montresor used wine to lure Fortunato to his death. He buriesFortunato arrive near the underground burial chambers where hisrelatives are buried. As Montresor builds the blocks of the wallbehind the wine-intoxicated Fortunato, screams from Fortunato areheard (Perkins 429).

Summary of “Young Goodman Brown”

This is a captivating short and insightful story written in 1835 byNathaniel Hawthorne, an American writer. It is a story that argues onthe basis of the Puritans that humanity exists in the state ofwickedness. The story uses symbolism in exposing the hypocrisy thatis prevalent in the Puritan culture. This is done through the journeyof Young Goodman Brown, who ultimately loses his faith, as well ashis virtue (Perkins 448). The young man sets out on a journey to theforest leaving his wife his three months wife by the name Faithbehind. In his journey inside the forest, Brown meets a man whoresembles him, a witch and a devil. After coming back to Salem. Heshuns all his Christian friends including his wife Faith. The realityof this event happening to Young Goodman Brown is still a misery. Itis believed to have been a dream. The author states that YoungGoodman Brown live the rest of his miserably since he believeseveryone else is part of evil and sin (Perkins 449).

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