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The poem is &quotpassing time&quot by Maya Angelou

The poem appeals sympathetic emotions from the reader. This isbecause of the racial discrimination that it depicts. The author wasAfrican American and this helped to present the idea of racism as areal problem. It is clear that she sets the tone for the issues ofrace and ethnicity. She refers to two different skin colors in herpoem which are dark and light skins. The poem can also be interpretedas pointing to her relationship with her former husband. The authorpoints out that everything has a beginning and an end.Intellectually, the reader is able to immediately decipher theduality in the meaning of the poem. This starts from the title,“passing time”, which can imply the aspect of time passing, aswell as using up time while doing something. The comparison of thetwo skins as dawn and musk is an implication of the light skinnedpeople and the dark people.

The intention of the author is to attract a reaction ofunderstanding the deeper meaning of the poem. In this regard, Ibelieve my reaction was right. The poem was written at a time whenracial segregation was prevalent in the United States. This impliesthat the issue of skin color was a contentious issue. The ideas inthe poem are critical in informing the reader that every event oractivity in a person’s life has a beginning and an inevitable end.I connected the ideas in the poem with my former relationship, whichcame to an end after numerous disagreements. The poem has providedinsight to me that everything has a beginning and an inevitable end.The ideas in the poem can be extremely helpful in life when dealingwith the grief of losing a loved one.