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Discrimination and Marginalization of homosexuals in our society

A considerable collection of scholarly work has been written on thediscriminatory practices found in the society today. The exploitationand marginalization of groups can be observed in different degrees.These practices are based on race, religion, sexual orientation orethnicity, among others.

Social disparities that affect these groups of people have beencaptured by different writers such as R. Wolitski and his friends.They have written a lot on health disparities that affect gay andbisexual men. In their book ‘Unequal opportunity: Healthdisparities affecting gay and bisexual men in the United States,`they have extensively covered various examples that indicate someoppression to these groups. Some of these include reports ofgay-related stress where gay people have complained of health issueswhich emanate from discriminations. These have gone ahead to involvevictimization by violence, which has resulted into some of themdropping out of school (Wolitski et al., 101). In addition, there hasnot been sufficient social support for these groups. Family problemsincluding suicidal attempts have also been mentioned in this book assome of the evidences of oppression.

According to the authors, the effects of discrimination impact moreon male African Americans than on other people. Most of them areyoung, while others are homeless. In addition, this group is left outwhen it comes to health services including awareness and treatment.The experience worsens even more if they don’t have supportivefamilies. The traumatic experience they go through is incredible(Wolitski et al., 124).

The relationship between the homosexual people and the straight onesis still not good at all. The discrimination can be felt in differentareas of the society. According to a study, many people believe thatthere are few old gay people, which is due to societal oppression.Some of them die early while others switch to being heterosexuals asa result of pressure. However, some scholars consider this as astereotype. The book has noted some interventions which are done tocare for these groups especially on matters of health such as how toavoid sexually transmitted infections with their partners.

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