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Every moment I sit back and meditate upon events of my past life,the current events in my life, and the expected future events, Icontinually tend to appreciate socioeconomic, racial, cultural andregional diversities.

I was born in Asia and my father was a Spanish while my mother was aJew. I learnt to appreciate diversity in culture at a relativelyyoung age. This is because my both parents could portray varyingpersonalities and cultures. It is vital, however, to point out that Iended up being more of a Jewish than a Spanish.

The experience with parents and my older siblings was excellent. Ireceived sufficient care, as well as enough financial, emotional andsocial support from my family. However, my early years at theelementary school were not that pleasant. My masterly of the Englishlanguage was extremely poor. Communication with the teachers and thepeers was a significant challenge.

My four years at high school were extremely significant in shapingwho am today. This was a time when developed intellectually, sociallyand emotionally. I had an opportunity to interact with numerouspeople from different countries, races and cultural backgrounds.Midwood high school offered me an excellent foundation for my futurecollege life. I was lucky to be assigned an advisor who encouraged meand gave me guidance and directions for my future life.

Although the Midwood high school community was loving andaccommodative, my language barrier and lack of prowess in Englishlanguage was evident. There were a few instances when communicationwas an impediment to my relationship with my fellow students and theteachers. My high school life was significant in giving theexperience of surviving with the least available resources. I was notin the best school and not privileges enjoyed by students inprestigious schools were offered to me. This taught me how to makeout the best out of the little that I have.

My life in high school can be said to have been partially good andpartially bad. There were few instances which made me dislike my lifeat high school. Whereas diversity should make us unique, I was avictim of racial discrimination in some instances. Some teachers andstudents could use my racial background against me throughstereotyping and prejudice. The dissatisfaction with the routine foodoffered at high school was a dislike for every high school student.

My experience with racism and my desire to be absolutely independentwere instrumental in my choice to attend college. Racism is a vicethat affects numerous people all across the world (Miller and Ann66). These were coupled with thirst for knowledge and the desire tolead a successful life. I had an immense desire to pursue economicsat my college life. My first college experience was at Santa MonicaCollege. At the college, I learnt of my desire to lead other people.This saw mean contest for the position of Director of Student Serviceat the Student Government elections. However, the problem waslanguage barrier was imminent once again.

My life at Santa Monica College does not give me the best ofmemories. Language problem was a huge impediment to my leadershiproles. I suffered immensely while trying to communicate with myfellow students, as well as the tutors.

Currently, am a student at UCI where am expecting to graduate thisyear with a major n economics. My life has had both pleasurable anddifficult times. I choose to take life positively while accepting thechallenges, as well as grasping the opportunities. My character hasalways been to make out the best of every situation.

I have developed the element of independence throughout my life. Ihave managed interact with numerous people and I have an extremelyhuge circle of friends. My friendly and social nature has made medevelop long lasting relationships with people from all walks oflife. My ability to listen to others and cooperate with my peers andseniors has seen me through my school life successfully.

My parents have been the most influential people in my life. Theirdifferences in race, religion and character have been their source ofstrength and an inspiration to me. I have also managed to develop asuccessfully and happy love relationship with one my classmates forthe last two years. The events in my life and my experience withracism has been the major factors that have shaped me. In addition,my ability to remain independent and stay in the United States forfive years alone has given me the assurance that I have the abilityto achieve anything in life.

My life since childhood can be described as having been extremelysuccessfully. The experiences I have had and the challenges that Ihave faced have shaped me to who am today. My dream for education hasbeen achieved and I look forward to pursue even higher education. Idesire to use my education and social influence to fight racism in myfuture life.

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