Benefits of Guilty Pleas


Benefitsof Guilty Pleas

Benefitsof Guilty Pleas

Inthe determination of the guilt of an individual, law enforcementagencies allow the defendants to enter a plea. This refers to aformal response of an individual to a civil or criminal charge, wherethe judge would formally note the plea of the defendant on thecourt’s official file (Siegel&ampSenna, 2009).Entering a guilty plea means that the individual has admitted his orher culpability or commission of the crime, violation or offence withwhich he or she has been charged.

Thereare varied advantages to entering a guilty plea. First, guilty pleasallow for faster determination of cases. Scholars note that lawenforcement agencies take considerable time to prepare cases fortrial right from the case preparation, to the additional and finalhearing (Abadinsky, 2012). It is worth noting that a considerablyless time would be required in preparing cases for guilty pleas. Inessence, guilty pleas allow for the economical use of time andfinancial resources (Abadinsky, 2012). Further, guilty pleas reducevictims’ anxiety as they would not have to endure lengthy trials,long waits or even go to court so as to give evidence (Siegel&ampSenna, 2009).This, therefore, saves them time and money. Guilty pleas are alsoadvantageous to defendants as there is the likelihood of gettingreduced sentences upon entering early guilty pleas.

However,guilty pleas are disadvantageous as they may lead to the covering upof facts that may be used to resolve other crimes. It is noted thatupon entering guilty pleas, the defendant would not be required toreveal any details pertaining to the crime, other than wait for thesentencing (Siegel&ampSenna, 2009).This may result in the covering up of facts and cause other culpableindividuals to escape the long arm of the law.


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