Biography Outline


  1. Short description of self like two sentences

  2. A description of the content of the essay

  1. Early Life

  1. Description of date of birth and place of birth

  2. Recognition of parents, brothers, and sisters

  3. Family background

  4. The various schools, colleges, and other institutions attended

  1. Young adult experiences

  1. My first experience in the US

  2. Language barriers that I encountered, challenges that I faced and how I overcame them.

  3. How I got along with the other students during my first college

  4. The experiences of summer and what they taught me about life as a young adult in the United states

  5. What is means to be a new citizen in the United states

  1. My most productive years

  1. How I discovered my talent and the ways in which I used it

  2. My strengths and weaknesses

  3. How I have managed to cope with others through life and make them be meaningful in my life

  4. My journey of friends and the lessons that I have learnt

  5. How I learnt to become social and make the best out of people who do not even like you

  1. Description of the most down moments

  1. Description of moments that I have been low

  2. Description of factors that have led to such moments

  3. Description of the lessons that have been learnt through such experiences

  1. The most influential people

  1. Description of how the influential people have done that has inspired me through life

  2. Description of the lessons that I have learnt from such people

  3. Description of how I want to become of in my later years based on the experiences of these influential people I have met

  1. Conclusion

  1. A summary of the information

  2. Opinion on the course my life has been taking since birth and the prospective future