Bob Bob




A majority of people argue that the decision to terminate one’slife is a personal choice. The public, as well as the legal systemsdo not have anything to do with the decision of an individual to endhis or her life (Paterson, 2008). However, psychological research hasfound out that over 94% of the people who commit suicide areambivalent. Bob could be charged with assisted suicide or manslaughter. Although there is no law that prohibits suicide, assistedsuicide is a crime in a majority of countries. Although bob had beenasked by his terminally ill father to shoot him, he is guilty ofassisted suicide and subject to the prescribed punishment.

Assisted suicide is different from euthanasia and it is punishableby law (Schmalleger &amp Dolatowski, 2010). Bob had theresponsibility to assist his terminally ill father. According topsychologists, people who are terminally ill hardly choose to die.Research has also found out that the few people who choose to endtheir lives suffer from depression (Paterson, 2008). Counselling suchterminally ill individuals is critical in ensuring that theirdepression and stress levels are reduced hence triggering them tochange their minds. Therefore, Bob was guilty of assisting to end thelife of his father who could have been depressed and stressed. It is,however, vital to note that assisted suicide is legal in somecountries such as Switzerland. This is, however, not the case in theUnited States. There are only a few state such as Oregon, Washingtonand Vermont where assisted suicide for mentally stable adults isallowed (Schmalleger &amp Dolatowski, 2010). The issue of assistedsuicide is, however, a hotly contested issue in the health and legalsector. Experts in legal matters and health matters are divided overthe legality and morality of assisted suicide.


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