Business Start-up Plan for a Senior Citizens Home Your name

BusinessStart-up Plan for a Senior Citizens Home





Therapid rate at which America is graying has an immense impact onvarious services that the senior population requires. Undeniably,eldercare coordination and attention is continuously becoming anurgent need. Senior Care Provider (SCP) is an upcoming elderly homethat aim at addressing senior citizens’ needs. There has been anenormous decrease in the services provided to senior citizens as wellas a decline in the utilization of home nursing (Caro &amp Blank2008, p.36). SCP will employ certified geriatric care managers inorder to ensure effective and appropriate care to the seniors.Revenue will be generated from grants from the government as well asfrom the monthly rental fee of 3000 dollars that will be charged persenior.


Toraise sufficient funds for start up

Tohire competent and efficient generic managers

Toopen the senior home as well as maintain it in good condition

Toprovide comfortable, warm, engaging, and safe home for all seniors

Keyto success

SCPoffer resident-oriented home-model care for the elderly

Welleducated and responsive management team


SCPaims at providing care and assistance to all seniors in the mosteffective, efficient, and timely manner. It also pays key keenattention to skills, expert opinion, and time of its staff

Organizationand management

MsJane will serve as the company’s CEO as well as administrativedirector she has profound experience in home care having worked withseveral home care providers since 2006. Future plans to build anadvisory committee are underway.


Servicesrequired for senior citizens are in continuous demand due to rapidincrease of graying senior population in fact, predict thatindividuals aged 65 years and above will increase to about 71,5million by the year 2030 (Caro et al. 2008, p.57).

Marketingand sales strategy

SCPwill adopt a client-focused marketing strategy value of the companyservices will be communicated in a consistence manner. The salestrategy will focus on the company compassionate caregivers,responsive, and services directed to all clients.


SinceSCP is at its launch phase it will require start-up expenses andoperating costs. According to Caro et al (2008, p.97), there is ahigh likelihood of growth in the home care industry.


Caro,F. G &amp Blank, A.E, (2008), Quality Impact of Home Care for theElderly, Oxford University Press: Oxford.