Capital Punishment



Capitalpunishment also known as the death penalty is a punishment that isusually given on capital crimes such as murder. However, differentstates in the U.S apply it differently. For instance, in Florida,besides being given for first degree murder offenders and felonymurders, it is given to capital drug trafficking and capital sexualbattery. Others also give capital punishment to kidnappings thatresult to death. It is appropriate to give death penalty to othercrimes apart from murder if these crimes are a threat to life such askidnappings, rape as well as robbery with violence. The U.Sconstitution is mandated to protect lives hence anything thatthreatens life should be treated with the severity that it deservesto deter future crimes (Schmalleger, Hall, &amp Dolatowski, 2010).

Themanner in which capital punishment is imposed is an aggregate ofmoral, legal and public opinion. The law must ensure that it lives upto its word of protecting lives. Morally it may be argued that,taking another person’s life or threatening the life or lives ofothers such as treason and aircraft hijacking as it is the case inGeorgia qualifies for severe punishment (Death Penalty InformationCenter, n.d). The public is also of the opinion that, people who takeother people’s lives deserve to be punished with the samefate-death (Bohm,2011).Religious beliefs and moral issues also contradict capital punishmentas they bring in a different aspect all together. Ultimately, capitalpunishment have had a positive effect in deterring heinous crimessuch as murder, kidnappings, rape, robbery with violence and otherrelated crimes in the states where it is practiced.


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