Cart and Checkout Abandonment; Case Study


Cartand Checkout Abandonment Case Study

Cartand Checkout Abandonment: A Case Study

Theemail strategy employed by Company was to send emailsto multiple site shoppers. The emails were to encourage the shoppersto return, depending on where they abandoned the checkout process.According to the Marketing Sherpa (2013), the strategy wasnecessitated by an evaluation that showed the presence of themultiple customers visiting their site, but did not translate intosales due to cart abandonment. The results of this email strategywere two. First, the strategy reduced the rate of cart abandonment bythe customers who visited the site from the email messages. Inparticular, the company reduced its abandonment rate by over 40% inless than two years (Marketing Sherpa, 2013). Secondly, the companyincreased the conversion rate of customers to check out by 65% in thesame period.

Ashopping cart is an online tool that is used by websites to assistonline shoppers to select and pick products on sale (Farriset al, 2010).Once an online shopper includes a product in the shopping list, thecart adds its value to the final price to be paid at the checkingout. Shopping cart abandonment is practice of customers leaving thewebsite without checking out to pay for the goods in the cart,therefore no sale happens. To deal with the shopping cartabandonment, employed the strategy of sending emails toonline shoppers, as described above.

Checkout abandonment happens when a customer has confirmed the shoppingcart and proceeded to the check out where he is directed to payment.Instead of paying for the goods, the customer abandons the process atthe payment stage. On the other hand, shopping cart abandonmenthappens during the shopping list addition in the cart. To deal withcheck out abandonment, started an email campaign bysending emails to the clients, informing them about the products theyleft behind. This strategy was successful for company.The success was evident as they recorded additional 24.62% check outrate (Marketing Sherpa, 2013.).


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