Case Control Study

CaseControl Study

CaseControl Study

Smokingis considered one of the most dangerous and leading causes of deathin the world. This case study control was done on a nationalrepresentation on tobacco smoking and causes of death amongst theIndian population. The study revealed that tobacco smoking causeabout one million deaths every year (Suraweeraw,2008).It was also revealed that majority of the deaths that were reportedwere people in the middle age that is in the age bracket of 30-69years.

Thestudy was aimed at comparing the mortality risk ratios of smokers andnon-smokers who were picked by looking at educational background, ageand use of alcohol. The study findings revealed that those controlsubjects linked with an increased risk of death, as a result, of amedical cause among both the women and men, which had a ratio of 2.0to 1.7. It was revealed that men who smoked the mixture of tobacco,and some leaves would lose six years of their lives and women wouldlose eight years (Suraweeraw,2008).Daily smoking of low levels of tobacco was linked with increasedmortality rates. Most deaths were caused by tuberculosis among bothwomen and men and from neoplastic, respiratory, or vascular disease.

Inconclusion, according to the analysis of the findings of the study itwas project that if one in five-deaths of men and one in 20 deaths ofwomen in the ages of 30 and 69 years were mainly caused by smoking.It was projected that by the year 2010, 930,000 adult deaths in Indiawas to be as a result, of smoking, which was expected to rise by upto 3 per cent every year (Suraweeraw,2008).


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