Case Study 1 John and Paula


CaseStudy 1: John and Paula

CaseStudy 1: John and Paula

Priorto working with military family, the first thing I would like to knowis the family background of the couple before the militaryengagement. This will include information such as their parents,childhood upbringing and their social activities. This will help inunderstanding their personality before one of them or both workedwith the military.

Secondly,I would want to know about their careers and educationalqualifications before, during and after the military engagement inthe reference. This will help me to understand their financial andsocial status before and after the military. These two informationcategories will help in understanding how the military situationchanged the couple.

Theinformation gathered focuses on the importance of understanding thesituation of military families before counseling them, and theapplication of appropriate approach. In this family, I would taketime to inquire all the details about SSgt John and Paula, especiallythe experiences of the former in the military and the activities ofthe latter while the husband was away. As argued by Hall(2010), theuse of the theories of counseling to understand the healing processof the couple. Therefore, I would use cognitive behavioral methodswill help me to understand the progress of the couple based on thebehavior of the two, especially John in handling his alcoholism.

Inaddition, I would work with the children and help them to appreciatetheir parents and understand the situation in the family. However,because of the risk of compromising the confidence that John andPaula have in me as their counselor, I would hand over the children’scase to another counselor. This will be inevitable because John andPaula would think that their entire family is exposed to me as thecounselor. Moreover, the counseling of the children would need someeducational counseling because of their school age.


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