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Case study

Case study

Student satisfaction at the college is critically important forvarious reasons. Student satisfaction is vital for student retention,accreditation purposes, as well as strategic planning. Therefore, asa University Public Relations Officer it is crucial to come up withvarious strategies on how to improve student satisfaction at thecampus. The main aspect of increasing student satisfaction is throughenhancing their experience inside the campus. It is essential toensure that the staff at the campus provide excellent customerservice to the students. In other words, the staff must meet theexpectations of the students within the campus. The staff from thetop level to the cleaners must be committed to providing the bestexperience for the students.

Another major way that I would use as a public relations officer inthe campus is to make sure that information is readily available tothe students. Students must not get the “run around” within thecampus while seeking information. There must be well establishedpolicies to ensure proper communication between the students and themanagement of the campus. In addition, it is essential to ensure thatthe workers are able to answer questions directly and correctly tothe students. It would also be imperative to have telephone systemsthat students are able to use and communicate and talk to realpeople.

Research has also indicated that it is critically important tocommunicate any changes that the management makes to the students.For instance, a change in the time spent on co-curricular activitiesmust be communicated to the students promptly. The major role as apublic relations officer in the university is to ensure that there isan effective and functional relationship between the management andthe students. Communicating to the students will create a sense oftransparency between them and the management. This is a criticalelement in ensuring that the students are satisfied.

As a public relations officer, I would also ensure that students’priorities are kept first. The institution must shelf its prioritiesand keep those of the students first. The challenges facing thestudents must be addressed before other institutional needs. Thiswill ensure that the students acquire the feeling of being cared for.There must be proper communication when dealing with critical issuesaffecting the students. Whereas a campus might be facing a fewchallenges, it is evident that there must be areas in which thecampus is performing extremely well. As a public relations officer ofthe university, I would make sure that the strengths of the campusare celebrated. It is imperative to build upon the areas that theinstitution is performing well to ensure that other strugglingdepartments emulate the best performers. In addition, it is criticalto ensure that the staff working in the best performing departmentsare valued by the students. This is critical in motivating the staffto continue with their high performance.

The action plan would involve enhancing communication between thestudents and the management. The staff at the institution must alsobe committed to delivering quality services to the students. It wouldbe critical to establish proper avenues through which students’grievances can be aired and solved. In addition, the staff must behaving prompt and correct answers to the students’ questions whileat the campus.

In conclusion, it is imperative to point that the observing theabove measures would lead to immense student satisfaction.Communication between the management and the students has featured asthe most essential element in ensuring student satisfaction.