Case Study/ E-Commerce


CaseStudy/ E-Commerce


PaulCannella started his company to solve the environmental pollutionissue that was caused by non-biodegradable plastic bags. He startedsolving the problem through constant collection of different types ofplastic bags. Additionally, he searched for the environment-friendlyproducts such as biodegradable dog plastic bags. Unfortunately, hefound just one manufacturer from the Norway of the eco-friendly dogwastes plastic bags. In an attempt to solve this problem, Paul hadhad many thoughts on his mind about the preservation of the naturalproducts in an eco-friendly plastic bag and market for this kind of abag.

Listof items used in campaign

  • He created a content calendar that rotates around different holidays related to earth

  • He developed topics that clearly reflect his core product

  • He adopted a limited time-oriented marketing rather than offering discounts to the consumers

  • He created clear and concise newsletter for updating his customers

  • He used a content email-marketing to reach his target customers


Fromthe management point of view, Paul adopted bricks and click model asa business model. This business model is the company’s businessstrategy which integrates both online (clicks) and offline (bricks)presences to allow customers order products of their choice online orfrom the internet, but they must pick their ordered products at alocal store (Verstraete &amp Jouison-Laffitte, 2011).

Differente-business technology

Asa manager, I would embrace social networking media such as twitterand facebook marketing to reach as many customers as possible. Thisis because social networking websites allows people to interact amongthem and thus, creating relationships. Therefore, when companies usesocial media channels, customers interact with the product or serviceprovider, and they are able to communicate directly. Social media aregood sites for advertising.


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