Case Study in Leadership

CaseStudy in Leadership

CaseStudy in Leadership

  1. Analyze the case study about and provide evidence using the concepts and definition of leadership traits and styles to support your arguments.

Leadershipas exhibited by both Amy and Rachel can be termed as a processwhereby a person influences others towards a common goal.Consequently, both managers are efficient in their work and gettingthings done. The leaders’ behavior being exhibited by the twoleaders Amy and Rachel are different. Amy exhibits task behavior asshe is concerned with getting the job done. As an autocratic leader,Amy has the authority to decision making. Her leadership can bedescribed as assigned leadership, where she is exercising authoritydue to her position. Rachel on the other hand exhibits processbehaviors of leadership where she helps people accomplish theirduties with comfort. Her leadership is emergent. She is perceived bythe staff members as influential a trait that has been acquiredthrough communication behaviors such as verbal participation,feedback and seeking opinions. She is democratic allowing her staffto air their views even though she has the final nod. Sinceleadership is a skill developed to accomplish a task, Rachel has beeneffective and popular with the employees for accepting views andfeedback. Rachel’s leadership is a relationship between her and thestaff.

  1. You are the CEO, and you believe you can assist Ms. Amy. How would you approach her and what would you say?

Asa CEO, I should be wary of the fact that, Amy is performing and isdelivering as expected. However, employees are not comfortable withher leadership approach. As such, I would first commend her for hergood work. I would also be frank with her that, employees are souncomfortable with her and her experience at work with them wouldeven be better if she considers being approachable and interactingwith them. I would encourage her to take opinions from employees,talk to them, discuss issues so as to make them comfortable, andultimately improve working relations.