Inlife, we meet different type of persons that have various definingcharacters in them. Some of the personalities may act to help us makeour lives easier while other acts to bring dissatisfaction to humanbeing lives. Moreover, some may end up distorting the clear picturetheir own self. As a result, the individuals are able to successfullydodge their true characters being known to the public. An idealexample is the “Catfish people”. These are people that are ableto hide their true identity through use of fake bibliographicinformation to trick person in thinking that they are the rightpersons to meet or talk to. This rampant in the social media wherepeople use other persons images to fool other people of their trueidentity, the main agenda being to make a financial gain or areputational gain to their advantage. Moreover, the individualsucceed in their pursuits mostly when they find unsuspectingcharacters that they trick in trusting them. This provides the keyopportunity to further their hidden ideologies that couldn’t beachieved had they revealed their true identities. The social medialis one of prime areas for the catfish people that trick unsuspectingpersons. In this paper it would be important to reveal the keycharacteristics of these tricky persons, their attitude andappearance too. This will enable us to get a clear understanding ofthe people.

Oneof the key features of “Catfish people” is that they are filledwith a lot of nice and sweet talks. They display an extraordinarymastery of issues while talking or chatting online in order to paintpositive image of themselves to the other party. They achieve thatthrough displaying an all conquering attitude and even givenonexistent situations they have ever solved successfully. The mainagenda in this entire labyrinth is to trick the other party intotheir self centered plans in the long run .Dealing with this personscalls for extra cautiousness to be able to identify them since, it isquite hard to identify their concealed identity. This calls for humanbeing to pay extra attention while dealing with strangers for thefirst time to be able to conceal their hidden identities. This isboth on face to face communication, as well as on online platformssuch as social media. Both parties should be involved in doing duediligence of the other party to ensure that no party is tricked toget into a formation that is not working at any given point. The keyfeature to have around to manage this kind of persons is throughmonitoring their appearance and actions since they appear very niceto trick people into trusting them in life.

Theother important character in this kind of people that must be noticedis thatthey are over-generous and also have oozing overconfidencein their talks and actions, for example through written items likee-mails. The main idea is to win the trust of the other party toensure that they can as fast as possible achieve their desired resultin life. This acts to their advantage since people are naturallyattracted to people that act confidently in their actions. Thuswinning confidence of potential culprits in their endeavors is not aherculean task. To count this individuals are required to be extravigilant to ensure that within the first few instances of meeting aperson on online or face to face platforms are able to read in theircharacters. It is important to note that Catfish people are able toconceal their identities to their targets .The “Catfish people”are able to display a positive attitude to all instances and theyrarely give a negative answer to their mutual interested party hencethey easily succeed in their trickery plots .Furthermore, that groupof people are able to cut a very positive image of themselves .Anideal example is the usage of other peoples photos on online mediaplatforms to impress the other party. All this is geared towardtricking them into their plans.

Toqualify the above explained key feature the following ideal exampleis given. The saga involved an online dating scam whereby a lady hadposted had posted the key feature of man she was looking forward tomeet and marry. Little did the lady know that she would find acatfish type of man .It was only a few day after Claire had postedimage and a short narration of the kind of guy she was lookingforward to meet with a view of marriage thereof. She got immensefeedback from various gentlemen that posted their photographs andbrief descriptions of themselves with a view of marrying .The gentleman she picked was a handsome looking guy that hand posted aninteresting narration of their lives .This included a very richeducational background, person that strongly upheld some key valuesas well as a fairly well financially stable background. Claire feltthat this was the kind of man she had always craved for in her lifeless forgets pray hard to get. On first few conversations thathappened over the social media plat forms the guy cut an image of afocused person that was ready for a serious relationship with a viewof marriage, This made the lady very positive about her newly foundlove. Considering that the lady was a master’s graduate inEconomics that was teaching in a leading college in the country, theman had indicated that he works as foreign relation advisor in agovernment department. The lady felt this was a man whom liveobjectives would easily match hers and even propel her to achievemore in life. The newly founded relationship started falling downsoon afterward upon the lady learning that the guy had posted a falseimage of himself on the online media plat form since when they met onthe first face-face meeting the two images couldn’t rhyme. The leadfoul play around she demand to see the staff badge as a governmentadvisor. The man could produce the badge and she started smellingsomething was wrong and it is then she discovered the man had lied onthe social about his status in the society and he was only a busdriver. Upon enquiry the man admitted to having insufficientconfidence and low self esteem that led them to taking such action.This was to the detriment of the lady giventhat she wasted hertime and resources. Fortunately she was able to discover the catfishquite early in the relationship.

Tosummarize, it is important to note that the world is filled withpeople that have diverse characters thus it is our role tosuccessfully be able to identify the various characters and devisemethods to identify and deal with them. This will help avoid usfalling into traps of malicious persons such as ‘’catfish people“whose main aim is to derail us and achieve their self centeredobjectives in live. It is important to be aware of the key featurepeople since they may waste a lot of people’s resources and time toachieve their selfish agendum. This calls for people to use theircreators given wisdom to identify such persons.