Censorship and Major Alterations of Plays to Films


Censorshipand Major Alterations of Plays to Films


Anywork of art to be viewed by the general public requires law togovern. As it is said, ethics and morality depends on theenvironmental factors. Ratings for the movies and films are in thegood of the society. It helps prevent societal moral degradation asthe modern world is faced by the global challenge of violent acts(Green &amp Karolides 2005). In the early days, movies and filmswere censored off sexual acts that dominated in many movies. However,the message should remain relevant to the target groups. There shouldbe a censorship law concerning films, but the extent of alterationsshould be checked to maintain the meaning.

Censorshiptook the centre stage of Hollywood in the early days. There was theaspect of shying off from the hot subjects which seemed to becontroversial (Green &amp Karolides 2005). However, theatre took thechallenge to pass the message to their audience. The three clipsobserved contain a lot of censored information. The first playcontains a message on the state of affairs between two femaleteachers. Martha and Karen are the two characters that the playwrightuses to expose the concept of female affairs. However, the subjectmatter is changed when the play is converted to a film. There is anaspect of limiting language used in the play, although the film endswith the confession of the act. In the play, Martha confronts Karenwith the topic, but Karen is not willing to talk about. The climax ofthe film is the confession of the affair by the characters, and thiscontrasts the aspect of censorship.

Inthe Dead End play, crime and moral degradation of the society rulethroughout. The playwright uses Martin as a gangster to portray thetheme of crime. Francey is a young lady used by the playwright tosignify the moral degradation such as commercialization of sex. Aftercensorship, much of the information is filtered and therefore we arenot able to experience the crime in the film. However, the materialsare censored, and much information is left out to avoid cases ofvulgar language. Climax of the play is when Martin hands over a bunchof money to Francey, who has told him that she was sick and,therefore, should not kiss her. Tea and Sympathy play has the majordrastic change among the three clips. The incident of the professorhaving a swim with a naked boy is deleted in the film. Theplaywright’s mission of passing the message of homosexuality isignored in the film.

Ina nutshell, however, the mission of censoring films is for thebetterment of the society. There should be collaboration between thecensorship board and the filmmakers.


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