Changes in Afghanistan from Bush to Obama

Changesin Afghanistan from Bush to Obama

Changesin Afghanistan from Bush to Obama

Theprimary objective of the U.S. invading Afghanistan was to destroy AlQaeda following the September 2001 attack. There are three majorchanges that have taken place in Afghanistan during Obama’sadministration compared to the Administration of President Bush.First, the decision made by president Obama to withdraw the U.S.forces from Afghanistan has created room for terrorist groups toreorganize and overpower the government troops. This has provided anopportunity for violation of human rights and impunity to thrivecompare to the Bush administration (Delphy, 2014).

Secondly,Obama’s administration has focused on withdrawal from Afghanistanand reconstruction of the country in order to restore it to thedevelopment track. However, millions of dollars donated forreconstruction have become a source of conflict between domesticcontractors, increased, and dysfunctional leadership (Blank, 2013).This indicates that while the Bush administration closely monitoredinternal affairs of Afghanistan, Obama’s intention is to give thecountry its freedom and autonomy that will result in self governance.

Third,although Obama decided to withdraw from Afghanistan, the air forcestrike against the terrorist groups was doubled as the U.S. made thefinal attacks against terrorist groups (Naiman, 2010). However,this has been characterized by the increase in the number of deathsof the U.S. military personnel and innocent Afghans, which impliesthat the use of carefully planned attacks during the administrationof Bush have changed to massive and violent strikes.


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