Chapter 8 and 9


Chapter8 and 9 Summary

Chapter8 and 9 Summary

Inchapter eight, the main knowledge learnt is the legal and socialelements of personal crimes. In particular, the main personal crimesthat I learnt in the chapter are assault and battery. Through a keenstudy of the chapter, I now understand the differences betweenassaults and battery as they relate to the law. Through the study ofthe two types of personal crimes, I understand the conditions and thefeatures that define a personal crime into assault, battery or anyother type of charge. Therefore, I understood the extent of injurythat should be proven to fit the brackets of assault or battery.

Inaddition, I learnt the defining features of sexual assault crimes andthe knowledge on rape as a criminal act. In particular, I learned thedifferences between modern descriptions of sexual assault and thedescription of rape under the common law frameworks (Schmalleger etal, 2010). Similarly, I learnt the differences between falseimprisonment and false arrest or kidnapping. Moreover, I nowunderstand how terrorism is different from other acts of crime in themodern world.

Inchapter nine, I learnt the dimensions of property crimes and theirlegal and social dimensions. I learnt the differences betweenembezzlement and larceny and the types of property that relate toeach. I also learnt the pros and cons of treating crimes of wrongfulproperty acquisitions as a single case. In addition, I understand theconcept of constructive entry in burglary crimes and the tests thatcourts use to know if the victim of the crimes lost property(Schmalleger et al, 2010). Moreover, I leant the technicalities thatsurround extortion and robbery and how they differ. Through the studyof the chapter, I now understand different aspects and types ofcomputer crimes and the uniqueness of the crimes.


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