Cinematic Versus Theatrical Film-making

CinematicVersus Theatrical Film-making

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2ndJuly 2014

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  1. State and explain the premise of the play?

A:Greed, disrespect, and abuse to creations and life lead todestruction and dread but kindness, generosity, and respect for allcreations leads to progress and success.

  1. Describe the exposition.

A:The film is based on a story of one Jake Sally a paraplegic marinewho is in dire need for spinal surgery. Jake joins a mission to adistant world (Pandora) under one greedy corporate which agrees togrant him his surgery if he agrees to help them drive off the nativehumanoid (Na’vi) living in Pandora. Jake uses his new “avatar”identity to infiltrate himself among the native Na’vi while hegathers Intel about them and submitting it to the cooperatingmilitary unit headed by Colonel Quaritch. All is well with themission until Jake meets beautiful Neytiri a Na’vi female whomJake gradually falls in love with, and with effect, makes Jakesmission change from aiding his military unit to saving the nativePandorans.

  1. What is the inciting incident? Give the exact line or action.

A:The inciting incident happens when he is attacked by a thanator andruns off to the forest. It is at this moment that Neytiri a youngNa’vi sees him and aims to kill him but luckily, an auspicious signappears which makes her hold down her arrow. The fact that Neytirihad received a positive sign for Jakes appearance into their villageand that she had saved Jake’s life leads to the creation of trustbetween the two and apparently, love grows on slowly.

  1. Why is this the inciting incident?

A:Jake meeting with Neytiri becomes the inciting incident consideringthat this very incident clearly show glowing love, and from it,strong trust is born. This occurrence changes the whole storylinesince Jakes experience with Neytiri, and the Na’vi people make himchange his mission.

  1. Describe the events of the rising action.

A:The rising action is signified by Jakes activities all after he haddecided to change his mission. Jake attacks a mining bulldozer andlater makes a recording addressed to the administrator Selfridgestating that the Na’vi will never intemperance their home tree.Selfridge is much amused by Jake’s disobedience and sets a missionto destroy the so called “Home Tree.”

  1. What is the climax? Give the exact line or action.

A:The climax of the play is reflected on when the humans spearheadedby Selfridge shot down the giant home tree such that the Na’vipeople had to move. While the people are homeless and hopeless, Jakecomes in and promises to help them fight back and save theirmotherland.

  1. Why is this the climax?

A:This action marks out the climax given that this is the most daringaction that the humans had hit on the Na’vi and that at this, theywere already feasting success. Only to learn on that this was thestart of a larger war that would hammer defeat on them. The attackonly makes the Na’vi people more conscious on the actual occurencesand if they did not respond, sooner or later they were going to faceextinction.

  1. Describe the events of the falling action.

A:the falling action starts with Jakes activities in the forest wherehe connects with Toruk the most feared and respected giant dragon.This action makes the Na’vi regain Jakes trust such that the newNa’vi Chief Tsu’tey supports him fully. Jake uses thisopportunity to re-unit all the Na’vi refugees. Meanwhile, the RDAcolonel organizes a pre-emptive strive to the Na’vi and to theirTree of Souls. The war that is witness later on carries the mostamazing and breath-taking action. All natives and their animals joinhands and minds, all objected at totally defeating the humans, andheaded by Jake, the mission is a total success.

  1. Describe the denouement/resolution.

A:The film end on with expectations of Max, Norm, Jake, and a few otherscientists who were in support of the premise. All humans areexpelled from Pandora permanently and sent to earth. Jake istransferred to his avatar form permanently by the aid of the Tree ofSouls (Jesser et al., 2010).

  1. If you were to adapt this play to film (or vice versa for lesson 11) what would you change or do differently and WHY?

A:The film is almost a perfect match to any movie production that anyproducer or audience would like to have on their screen, butconverting it into play would require to add more theatrical aspectssuch as the superficial explanations. This is necessary since on liveperformance, certain computer born insertions such as flashbacks arenot possible to incorporate and hence better explanation should bemade on to the happening action if at all audience understanding isto be achieved.


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