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CommercialReal Estate Executive Summary


If you are looking to invest in property development or real estate,then there might be just one for you at 1410 S. Bascom Ave San Jose,CA 95128. The property comprises of an old 6.5 acres lot retailcenter and has a preliminary plan for development of 1400 units oftownhouses or condominium in 14-story blocks.

The property has a scenic panoramic view of the valley of SanFrancisco bay, Santa Cruz Mountains, and East Foot Hills gives theproperty a feel of nature. The property is located in a prime areaclose to the nearby PruneYard Shopping center just four blocks away,major highways such as the 880,85 and 680 in addition to rail and busservices.

Availability of social amenities, shopping center, recreationalfacilities, schools, hospitals and transport lines makes the propertyideal for townhouse or condominium complex or eve redevelopment ofthe retail center due to its strategic location. The property wouldthus be an easy sell for families and individuals keen to settle inan urban and tranquil environment with an unbelievable view of thescenic the valley of San Francisco bay, Santa Cruz Mountains, andEast Foot Hills. As a retail center, the property is served by majorhighways, nearby apartments and homes to provide constant humantraffic.

The neighborhood has a healthy diverse community with individualsfrom different ethnic backgrounds. Crime levels in the neighborhoodare on a decline with 2014 recording some of the lowest rates in thelast decade. This means that once the property is developed, it caneasily attract businesses as a retail center and home buyers seekinga place to settle their families in a tranquil and peacefulenvironment not far from the city but yet close to major highways andall necessary public and social amenities.

The property is therefore ideal for property developers and realestate developers. It is located in a fast developing location servedby all major amenities in a tranquil and scenic location. Buyers arealso free to pursue alternative developments that suit their needssuch as a mall or any suitable development.


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