Communication in TV shows and marketing


Communicationin TV shows and marketing


Television is a major communication and entertainment platform withimmense influence on society and the audience. In most cases, TVshows are meant for entertainment but also communicate importantmessages to the audience through various themes depicted. In “Thesecret life of the American teenager”, the theme of teenage sex isrepeatedly displayed while in “10 things I hate about you” thetheme of feminism is dominant through the protagonist who seeks tooutdo men. In the former, the protagonist falls pregnant after a onenight stand with a guy named Ben who has multiple sexual partners.Such shows thus attract viewers who can identify with the protagonistand fellow characters depicted by placing themselves in thecharacters’ shoes. The “Secret Life” can also attract parentswho are eager to understand the “secrets” lives of their teenagechildren. For instance, Ben’s inability to stick to one girlfriendis linked to his father’s absence by his shrink. This way the showprovides hints to parents on parenting and likely challenges facingtheir children. Therefore, the show can be marketed to a familyaudience where teenagers can identify with the various characterswhile parents can get to learn about what their teenagers might be upto as per the characters.

Nonetheless, the show appears to promote teenage sex which hascreated tension amongst viewers. The fact that the several charactersengage in teenage sex can rub off among teenagers. This is however,countered by the depiction of consequences of teenage sex such asunwanted pregnancies and depression. This approach promotes anupright lifestyle in the audience. The same approach is evident inthe “10 things I hate about you” where the protagonist is keen toshow that she can perform even better than men. From the two shows itis clear that the content of a show, in terms of themes andcharacters, is tied to its marketing and marketing messages adaptedand the niche market targeted. Additionally, the marketing of a TVshow is intertwined with the content of a show as the content musttally with what a show promises and stay within expectationsespecially in terms of morals and values promoted by the specificstation.


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