Compare and Contrast Essay Analysis

By providing new connections and/or new differences between twothings, we critically provide logical characteristics of the twosubjects of interests, which clearly define a purpose for such methodof comparing and contrasting two distinct objects. The followingessays will show some examples regarding its construction of thedifferent similarities and differences between two subjects ofinterests.

In an essay entitled &quotThat Lean and Hungry Look&quot written bySuzanne Britt, two different kinds of people were described – fat andthin people. According to Britt, thin people were not fun to be with.They can easily get tired in doing little things because of theirphysical appearance which can also be a reflection of their strengthand metabolism. Thin people can easily get mad and disappointed attimes even at an early age because they are hot-tempered and cannoteasily handle stress and tensions. What they only believe is thepower of logic. Hence, they seldom interact with other people andthey have the tendency to become loners and downers. On the otherhand, fat people are always described as jolly and happy-go-luckypersons. They see both positive and negative things in life, whichmake them stronger persons inside. They are convivial and does notcare much about other nonsense things in life. Hence, they seehappiness as one that is elusive and easily attainable by everyone.

On the other hand, in the essay of Charles Mannentitled &quotThe Coming Death Shortage&quot, the main point of theauthor was seen on the longevity of life over the shortage of death.Looking more into a depth on the reality of the stop of aging was hiscenter of perspective about his own concept between life and death.According to Mann, there are already studies conducted which canpossibly increase the average age of death of humans. He noted thatat present generation, life expectancy of humans may seemed steadyand stagnant because of rising levels of obesity and other infectiousdisease which can make humans more weaker and susceptible to death.Hence, several studies were examined and provided several options onhow to increase the age of death on humans.&quotIncreased longevity will only add to the downward pressure onbirth rates, by making childbearing even more difficult&quot(Charles Mann). Hence, for the author`s own belief, life and deathmay be a gift for which every human has no other option to deny itsexistence. Whether we plan to increase our life expectancy at thevery least, our end point would still be our struggle for death. Wehave been given our own life from the start and as our token ofappreciation, we need to give back our life by accepting our very owndeath.

Lastly, the essay of Deborah Tannen entitled&quotCommunication Styles&quot was all about the conflicting viewof both men and women regarding how they interact and communicatewith other people, as well as their unique styles that they normallypractice when they talk with each other. According to Tannen, &quotbothmen and women perceive the opposite sexas the more talkative, and they are both accurate, since studiesshowed that men speak more in publicsettings about public topics while women dominate privateconversation within and about relationships.&quotHowever, women believed that they are more of a listener. Theybelieved that the language of communication is the primary languagefor good interaction and a method to establish good relationship andlinkage with other people. Women use the language of connection tocreate a conflict. As for the men`s perspective, speaking is a toolfor one`s freedom, independence, as well as superiority among women.Men think that they need to use the language of conflict to create aconnection with other people.

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