Comparison of two cities Naperville and Summit Illinois Unit


Comparisonof two cities: Naperville and Summit Illinois


Naperville has inthe recent past come into the limelight due to its economic rise. In2013, it was voted the best city for retirement and has risen to bethe wealthiest city in the Midwest with an approximate population of142,000 people. Summit on the other hand lags behind with a smallpopulation of about 11000 people and just one main employer.

SituationalfactorsProximity to markets

Naperville’sgrowing population means that organizations in the city have accessto a larger market while those in Summit face a stagnant market.Proximity to large markets offers expansion opportunities andsimplifies logistic issues. Naperville is home to Chicago’sresearch and technology belt that serves numerous industry andorganizations. It also has a number of universities, colleges andhospitals while Summit relies on one main employer, Corn ProductsInternational.

Proximity toinputs

One of the keyinputs that sustain a city is food production and capital input.Naperville is surrounded by modern and high mechanized farms such asthe Wagner Farms Ltd while Summit is prone to floods limitingagricultural activities in the area. Furthermore, the small market asa result of the small population does not inspire increasedagricultural production.


The city hasthree railway tracks that operate both commercial and passengerservices. There is a healthy road network in the area that ensuresefficient traffic flow. Some roads such as the Chicago Avenue, theIllinois Route 83, US Route 34 Ogden Avenue and Route 59 among othersconnect the city to neighboring cities such as Aurora and Chicago.Summit in the other hand borders Harlem Avenue but only served byInterstate 55, with two interchanges flowing into and out of thevillage.


Capital inputsare also readily available in Naperville through over 20 major bankswhile Summit has minimal banking services from two major banks. Lackof fluent flow in capital in the small town inhibits growth


The highpopulation of Naperville provides enough human resources to the localindustries. The Edward Hospital is the largest employer with over4000 employees. Summit in the other hand has a small population andhence little human resources to engage in economic activities.


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