Conditions of Probation


Conditionsof Probation


Conditionsof Probation

Probationprivileges are offered to law offenders in order to avoid beingimprisoned for a given period. It can also be extended to a criminalafter being in prison for a while (Siegel, 2010). The objective is torehabilitate these offenders and take them back into society.However, they are subjected to strict conditions aimed at monitoringtheir movement in order to minimize any likelihood of committing anew offense in the society. Probation order is given when the crimecommitted is not serious or if the offender cannot pose a threat tothe society. It is then felt that incarceration is not the bestoption. The probationer is expected to abide by all conditionsstipulated, failure to which his probation privileges may be revoked(Siegel, 2010). He may live freely with the community but mustregularly report to a probation officer.

Someof the general conditions of probation include residing in a givenplace, enrolling in a community program, undergoing drug tests, notcommitting any offense, securing a full time employment or studiesand not possessing any weapon during the probation period, amongothers (Gaines et al, 2014). This is not always simple for lawenforcers

Makingsure that the probationer gets a full time employment to keep himbusy, is one of the most challenging conditions. It is realisticallychallenging for both the probationer and the law enforcers. Theemployment rate is almost high in every part of the world. Employers,at the same time, set out standards to be met by any job seekers intheir organizations. One of them is the criminal records. It,therefore, makes it difficult to find an employer willing to considera law offender whereas there are numerous qualified and skillfulunemployed people out there. The option that remains for the lawenforcers is provide training programs or community activities to theprobationers.


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