Cooperative Learning Activities


CooperativeLearning Activities

ShortCooperative Learning Activity

CooperativeLearning is a teaching technique where students interact with eachother to acquire or practice elements of a particular subject matteras well as to meet common learning objectives (Jacob, 1999). InCooperative Learning, students may be introduced to certaincooperative learning activities particularly aimed at team buildingand enhancing communication between the group members. For instance,the students can work on resolving complex problems together bygetting feedback from fellow students in groups. Second, students canalso be in smaller cluster groups within the learning group andassigned to work on dissimilar aspects of a particular problem thenpresent their findings in a reasonable sequence. Third, they can alsotake turns in responding to random questions or prompts within ashort time. Lastly, smaller groups of students within the learninggroup can take part in interviews and report their findings to thelarger learning group.

8thGrade Language Arts

CollectiveLearning Activity

8thGrade Language Arts

Content:this activity meets the standard contents for 8thGrade Language class interviews. Students interview each other,observe an interview being conducted and then prepare an introductionof a student who was interviewed

Activity:Four step class interview

Objective:To promote initial interaction among students and at the same timefocusing on their communication skills.

Materials:interview questionnaires, notebooks and pencils, interview template



  • describe the interview process and the information the students need to collect from their peers

  • guide the collective learning activity


  • interview

  • be interviewed

  • observe an interview being conducted

  • prepare introductions

  • introduce each other

Process:ingroups of three to four students the students should

• Interviewone another

• Observean interview being conducted

• Prepareto introduce the group member you did not interview and introduceeach other

Inthe collective learning activity above, an eighth grade class goesthrough a class interview activity where the students will intervieweach other and prepare introductions of each other. The purpose ofthis cooperative learning activity is to allow the students to knowmore about each other as well as learn how to conduct interviews andpresentation of data gathered from interviews. The students will bein groups of four people each where they will be required to sit ingroups within the classroom. The students will then interview eachother as the other group members observe using questionnaireprovided these questionnaires require the students to provideinformation about their names, background, age, and interests. Oncethe interviews and the observations are through, the students thenprepare to introduction each other to the entire class stating theinformation given in the interviews. The activity will take an hour,twenty-five minutes for the interviews, ten for preparation of theobservations while the remaining thirty minutes will encompass theintroductions to the larger class. Assessments will base on how muchinformation the students are able to gather from each other withinthe twenty-five minutes, how well they prepare the introductions, theability to work as a team, and their overall ability to put intopractice the knowledge acquired on interviews.

Thereis a clear difference between a group activity and collectivelearning activity, in a group activity students are expected to worktogether and equally take part in performing particular tasks thatteachers outline and set deadlines for completion (Bossert,1988-1989). Instead, some of the students in the group end up doingall the work when the rest of students in the group do notparticipate at all. All the students in the group are awarded thesame grade despite their contribution to the group activity. Incollaborative group activities, however, all the tasks arestructured the students participate equally and are accountable forthe academic tasks (Bossert, 1988-1989).

Inthe classroom interview activity above students have the task tointerview and introduce each other with the aim of getting to knowingmore about each other as well as practicing on how to conductinterviews and present data gathered from interviews. The interviewactivity is appropriate for eighth graders since it will test theprogress made by the students in reading, writing and listeningskills. The eighth grade is a year where the students should displaygreat progress in communication skills. This activity help thestudents develop grade appropriate communication skills and add toprior knowledge on interviews by providing them with a platform topractice what they learnt. Interaction between the students in thisactivity will also enhance communication between them and allow themto know each other better thus promoting team building among them.The success of this activity is that each student participates, andthey are all able to practice on what they have learnt aboutconducting interviews and presentation of data collected ininterviews.


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