Cultural Artifact of China


CulturalArtifact of China



ACultural Artifact is an object that reveals crucial information abouta certain community. Different societies differ in their artifacts.Types of artifact include items such as painted pottery, burialcoins, telephones or anything that symbolizes the political, socialand religious organizations that belong to a certain society.Artifacts can be a daily object such as a bunch of flowers at thereception. They have special meaning to the people who belong to aparticular community and sometimes well told stories about them. Themain aim of artifacts is to trigger and remind. Upon seeing theseartifacts, one is reminded of their identity to belong to a certainculture by association and bounded by the rules of that culture. Inmost cases, artifacts are used in specific rituals such as inchurches and organizations.

TheChinese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Thisculture dominates the eastern Asia and their traditions and customsvary between cities and provinces. The regions are divided intodifferent sub cultures with each region being represented by threeancestral objects. The most important cultural artifacts of theChinese are martial arts, religion and traditional festivals.

Tostart with, martial art is a cultural artifact observed by Chinesepeople. The birth place of martial arts is in china and is commonlyreferred to as Kung Fu. This was developed by Chinese ancestors inorder to survive hostile environments. These are a series of fightingstyles developed in the historical era in China and have gainedpopularity worldwide. Today, it is regarded as a traditional sportand is used to represent the Chinese culture.

Mostpeople are in the assumption that Chinese people are Kung Fu masters,but that is not true. This traditional heritage is unique and hasmuch influence on people`s lifestyles. Despite being a fightingstyle, martial artists advocate for peace and virtue and this hasbeen upheld from generation to generation. Although Kung Fu involvesnumerous movement sets like weapon skills and boxing, its mainfunction is self defense. Kung Fu has more value in body buildingand fitness and is highly appreciated worldwide.

Chinesereligion is another artifact observed by china people. The mostimportant religion is Buddhism. This is believed to have spread inchina during the Han Dynasty. This religion influenced thetraditional Chinese thoughts and culture thus gaining popularity.Buddhism influences the local culture on aspects like art, literatureand ideology. Majority of the famous poems have borrowed their ideasfrom Buddhism. Today, Buddhism is the most important religion inchina and a fraction of those who do not practice it, participate inits activities. More people are joining this religion and itseducation is being appreciated by the society leading to thousand oftemples and monks being build. In addition, Chinese people observeother traditional folk believes such as the existence of ancestralsouls and their related activities and believe in god of wealth.

Finally,traditional Chinese festivals are characterized by diverse themes andstyles that are an important element in the country`s culture andhistory. There is a relationship between most of these festivals andChinese calendar and chronology. Majority of the Chinese customs arerelated with their traditional festivals and religious myths andsuperstitions. Eminent poems have been written to emphasize theimportance of these traditional festivals and are regularly recitedtoday. Each and every festival has unique customs and origin thatreflects its traditional practices and morals to the Chinese people.The most popular Chinese traditions include spring festival, theDragon Boat and Lantern festival amongst others.