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Causesand Effects of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexuallytransmitted infections prevalence has increased over years. It isestimated that the 19 million Americans are newly infected withsexually transmitted infections every year. The group of people thatis hugely affected by these are the young people within the agebracket of 15 to 24 (Santelli, 1582). Additionally, more women areinfected than men .The African –American ladies have higher chancesof contracting the sexually transmitted infections (Doherty, 1). Theresult of this is the waste of economic sources and time ontreatment. To counter this, the society I required to be sensitizedand educated on various causes of sexually transmitted diseases. Tothis effect the prevalence will be greatly reduced increasing savingson economic resources. Moreover, the general well being of thesociety improves. The following paper seeks to explore and elaborateon the causes and effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Theeffects are at both economic and health levels of the individuals aswell as the whole community

Tobegin with, sexually transmitted disease may be caused by fungalinfections, bacteria among other causes (Rector, 1). Chlamydia is asexually transmitted infection that is easily transmitted during sexintercourse. However, many people remain unaware of the high risk ofits contraction. In females Chlamydia is known to cause a burningsensation during the process of passing out urine (Santelli, 1583).More over it is known to cause bleeding after engaging in sex and mayalso cause heavy periods to the Carriers of the infection.Additionally, it is known to cause lower abdomen pain after sexingmen among the effects include the discharge of some water fluid atthe tip of the penis in addition to the increased tenderness of thetesticles in the males. If left untreated over a long period of timethe infection has ability to cause infertility. However, it can beeasily treated using antibiotics. If the infection can be fullycontrolled many economic resources would be saved and used to improveon the societal well being. Furthermore, the health level of thepopulation would improve.

Theother sexually transmitted infection is the genital warts. They arecaused by the human pappiloma virus (Rector, 1). Among the key effectof the infection include itching and redness. The causative agent isspread through skin contacts among the people. Additionally, it alsocauses bleeding. If left untreated the infection may lead toinfertility. This is coupled with reduced body immunity due tobleeding. The bleeding causes the loss white blood cell that arebestowed the task to protect the body (MediResource Inc., 1).Moreover, it causes growth of vaginal growths that are invisible.

Theother sexually transmitted infection is syphilis. It is caused by abacterial infection known as Treponemapallidum. Theinfection progresses instagesand among the effects to infected people include a painless sore onthe body that’s goes away after a period of 10 to 90 days (Doherty,1). In the secondary stage the person develops skin rush on hands andfeet. However, the rush clears on its own .Additionally the infectedperson develops fever, sore throat and swollen glands in the body.Headaches, tiredness and weight loss are also common effects ofcontracting syphilis. In the advanced stages, the infected person ifnot treated may develop brain problems that leads to madness(Santelli, 1582). Moreover, the internal organs such as the liver andthe heart may develop complications.

HIV/AIDS is the other infected sexually transmitted infection .thecausative agent is a virus that causes the weakening of the bodyimmunity. The effects of the viral 9infection develop in stages inthe life of an infected individual. Among the key effects of theeffects include fevers coupled with night sweat, fatigue and quickweight loss. Moreover, headaches, enlarged nodes, diarrhea, vomitingand stomach upsets are common. Furthermore, short term memory loss isalso common among the infected persons. Females that have HIV mayalso develop the pelvic inflammatory disease that is difficult totreat (MediResource Inc., 1). The other effect is the yeastinfections in the vagina. The patterns of the menstrual periods mayalso change causing inconsistency. Moreover, more economic resourcesare freed up for the development purposes since the society that iswell informed is able to take preventive measures.

Gonorrheais a bacterial infection caused by Neisseriagonorrhea(Doherty, 1). It is the second most common sexually transmittedinfection among the adults s well as the young people. Among themajor effects of the infection is the causal of infertility. Inladies gonorrhea causes a burning sensation while passing out urineas well as passing out of discharges from the vagina. Heavy monthlyperiods are also among the effects on the infected persons (Rector,1). Furthermore, women experience pain in the lower back abdomenduring after sexing men the major effects include the passing out ofa yellow colored discharge from the tip of the penis, this is inaddition to the testicles tenderness. However, Gonorrhea can betreated with ease if noted well in advance (MediResource Inc.,1).This could end up saving the society a lot of economic resourcesthat would be used for economic development. Moreover, the level ofsexual health in the community is improved tremendously as a resultof being well educated on the infections.

Theother sexually transmitted infection is herpes. It is caused by avirus known as the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The virus istransmitted through orally in form of HSV-1.HSV-2 is contractedthrough sex or genital activities. The main effects of contractingthe infection include small blisters filled with fluids, headaches,itchy feelings around the anal and genital area of the body. Swollenglands are also common among the persons that have contracted theinfection (Doherty, 1). The infection may also have the effect offertility loss in addition to having complicated pregnancies. If thesociety is well educated on the causes of infections and it effects,the level of infertility occurrence would be controlled ensuringsustained population growth sustained in the country.

Tocap it all, as it has been noticed in the given piece of essay, it isimportant to educate the people on the importance of usage ofprotection in sex. This is due to the fact that almost all thesexually infections are contracted through irresponsible sexualbehaviors whereby individuals fail to use protection while having sex(Rector, 1). If the masses would be educated in forums on causes ofinfections their effects. This way the increasing rate of sexualdiseases would reduced. Overall, more economic resources are freed upand the generally level of the society is raised as a result ofawareness.


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