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EffectiveAdvertisements Evaluation

Brandsuccess in market is highly dependent on the level of effectivemarketing by the sales and marketing team. The effectiveness isdependent on advertisement used. The advertisements ought to have apersonal appeal to the potential customer. Additionally, it should beable to take advantage of the emotional appeal of the customer tomaximize the probability of sales to maximize on profits. This callsfor the brand marketing team to come up with creative ways ofmarketing their products through a mixture of text and pictures withan intention of eliciting emotional attachment from a potentialcustomer. Moreover, it is that that a customer sees on an advert thatmakes them plan use a product in future. This just shows why it isparamount to get creative and smart in coming with a new ad in themarket. A suitable ad should be able to incorporate visual and textthat is relevant to its target clientele. This is clearly illustratedin the following paper while referring to an ad featuring a couple intheir bedroom.

Thead features two people that seem to making love in bed. However,while the man is lying on top of the lady a picture of a nice car hascovered the lady’s head. The image is appealing to the eyes due toart of making love associated in the ad that acts to attractattention of potential customers. Ideally, most people enjoy having agood life having full loving of their partners. As indicated on theads picture the partners seem to enjoying a calm relationship.However, the car seems to be standing on their way to enjoying theirrelationship fully. The car is probably in the man’s mind to makethe lady happy and satisfied with him. Furthermore, the pictureexplicit view of people making love is appealing to people across allage groups especially the young people that enjoy seeing suchpictures. The picture has also succeeded in the use of partner thatseems healthy without any qualm whatsoever however, the thought thatis the only distraction could be the possible dream car to either ofthe partner. Moreover the statement “the ultimate attraction” iseye catching to the potential ad viewer. A good number of viewerswould like to know why the issue mentioned is the ultimateattraction. In the process of confirming the ultimate experience theperson happens to get a glimpse of the nice car advertised. For menthat would like the lady lying on bottom with the man will ultimatelysee the car’s ad. On the contrary, the ladies that would like toget a glimpse of the athletic gentle man will also get a chance tohave glimpse of the ad the cars color red is also conspicuous and isalways associated with love making and romancing that plays to theadvantage of the marketer.

Thead may succeed in creating an impression that for success partnershaving a good love life an elegant nice car stands in between. Carcould be used to make their holiday trips. Moreover the car could beused to for family travel increasing the contact hours between thetwo partners. The ad could also create an impression that one partnerloved the other because of the car they were driving .this acts tobenefit of the marketers as they are able to leverage on theemotional attachment of the people to having a calm love life. Thismay act to initiate demand for the given advertised car as partnersaspire to get the ultimate goal of love life. The car seems to offera solution .Similarly, just like the ad featuring a young kid tied insafety belt stating ‘we know what you need” acts as crowd pulleras many parents value the protection of their children and it isdearly held to their hearts. Such an advert wins the consumersemotional attachment increasing their appetite to buy the product.The unstated reason of child comfort and reduced disturbance to theparents wins the guardian in acquiring the required child’s gadgetto enhance protection. Similarly, the car advert unstated reason ofhaving a comfortable love life may push more customers into acquiringthe car. This leads to the achievement of set goal of achieving moresales.

Thegiven advert has been able to leverage on the fact that successpartners are associated with owning a nice family car to cater fortheir love and romancing escapades in life with an intention ofgetting full enjoyment of life. Additionally, the ad has been able toleverage on the trend that ladies are attracted to men that own nicecars .Similarly, the opposite is also true to a number of men whoview ladies who such cars as romantic and stylish. The ad contributesto pop in advertising of usage of pictures of people in romanticpositions to gain attention for the products. The marketing works outto the benefit of salespersons enabling them to get maximumattraction. The ad advocates for growth of love life through buyingof material things to act as enablers. The car seems as a distractionto happy life of the partners hence its acquirement would make lovelife fulfilling.

Insummary, the car’s advert has appositive effect on the potentialcustomers as it shows the partners need to acquire the car to enjoyundisrupted love life. It positively attracts attention hence iteasier to obtain more sales. Additionally, the ad successfullydelivers the required impression and message hence making it fruitfulin pursuit of new customers.