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“Whatis American?”

Sincethe time America gained its independence a question has always beenposed “What is an American?”The question seeks solution tounderstanding the key values an American citizen upholds andrespects. It tends to elaborate keenly more about the history andupbringing of an American. The following essay seeks to answer thequestion” what is an American?”

Inthe rich history of the American an American is defined as a personthat has a great hunger to get the best. They are initiative takersand not day dreamers (Skipp, p 67). They work had to achieve theirwell planned and set goals. The struggle to ensure they succeed inall their endeavors .Their main being to sustain their families bygiving them a comfortable life all through their lives. The Americansare people that are ready to direct all their energies to theachievement of their dreams by giving their all. They are dedicatedto the achievement of their lifelong aspirations synchronizing theirentire energies to get fulfillment. The American understands theimportance of mind usage and wits to conquer challenges in life. Theyare people willing to use their brains to strategize on the bestpossible ways of achieving their goals. They are problem solverswilling to creatively exercise their moral autonomy to generatesolutions to existing problems in their vicinity. All aimed atachieving a comfortable and well balanced life.

Additionally,Americans are risk takers (Hollinshead, p89).They equally understands that to achieve the long lifeaspirations a person must take risk with of getting so handsomereturns to their investments .They are people willing to take riskwith a view of reaching their dreams. They always ready to leave backtheir family and friends to take risk in order to achieve theiraspirations. They remain optimistic in the wake of taking risks toachieve the set goals. An ideal example is their willingness to gopast oceans and in deep seas to satisfy their hunger for achievingspecific goals. They understand that timidity only poses limits toone’s life. They also equally understand that fear of the unknownonly acts as a barrier to the achievement of certain goals.Additionally, they are able to take calculated risks to reduce theprobability of total failure in their endeavors.

Moreover,the American citizenry are persons that understand their fundamentalhuman rights enshrined in their constitution (Skipp, p 28). Theyunderstand that the rights are in separable in any human being hencethey guard them jealously to prevent against their erosion orinfringement. The achievements of their personal mental liberationbecome the main goal. The fundamental rights granted, help inachievement of economics prosperity that is specially held in thehearts of the most Americans. The aim of economic prosperity is toimprove their material well being seeking to raise their livingstandards (Perkins, p 904). The Americans are opposed to the view ofseeing poverty as part of all human beings. They are willing to workan extra mile to achieve economic empowerment in their lives(Perkins, p 898). They achieve that through starting up ofenterprises and proper exploitation of individual talents.Additionally, the American citizenry support democratic rule of law,they act against political regimes aimed at the maiming of individualrights granted in the constitution (Hollinshead,p 56).Unity represents their spirit irrespective of race, ethnic group,political affiliations and religion among others. To summarize it isimportant to note the all round nature of Americans though the reviewof ‘what is American’’. As it is clear what an American citizenstands for in life.

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