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“TheLesson” Analysis

Thepoem “The Lesson” by Maya Angelou is full of figurative speechintended to explain the hard ships faced in this world due to thecapitalistic system .However, the poet explains that the hardship arepart of life and likens them to pains that ought not disrupt us fromliving. The poem reflects on the social and economic hardships facedby human beings that make life unbearable at times but the poetinsist that they for part of lives .figuratively the poet says “Ikeep on dying again” indicating the oppression she is facing inlife. Contrary to the Marxist who advocated for the oppressed toraise against the capitalist the poet seems resigned to tolerate thehardships. The poem reflects s on the lines drawn on people’s facesby cold while heading to work. This acts as a clear indicator of thepeople’s exploitation by capitalist since they cannot afford properdressing to protect themselves from cold. Additionally, the peoplealso have to report at their work stations early in the morning.

Furthermore,some weird characteristics in the people that they have acquired fromthe capitalistic exploitation system include adapting to hardshipsthat make their lives unbearable. Moreover, they view them as part oftheir normal live and would nothing to eliminate them. Theinexcusable behavior observed in the people is the total acceptancethat poverty must be part of their live due to the capitalisticnature of the system .The people literally keeps on dying due to theproblems. Yet they fail to rise against the capitalistic system thatis oppressing them. The inexcusable behavior are tied to the systemin that the capitalist fail to allow the people to generate their ownwealth thus they unable to generate income for their day to daywants. All this is as a result of capitalism where a few people holdthe wealth while others languish in poverty

Insummary, it is important for wealth redistribution to be embraced toreduce the hardship faced by the public in a capitalistic system. Asa result the quality of life will improve to people in variousclasses in the social strata.