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SnapshotMoments in Life

Lifecan be a basket of mixed reactions .life changing momentsoccasionally occur in lives of human beings. Depending on how themoments are utilized serious ramifications may occur to human beingslives either positively or negatively. What matters is the attitudeof the person that gets involved. A person’s life may influenced bya single action taken at just a snapshot moment as illustrated in thefollowing paper.

Thememorable snapshot moment of my life occurred while I was stillyoung. It occurred while we were young kids while playing our usualgames. Suddenly a man appeared from the thickets around our playground and came near our playing field. He excused himself and hecalled us as a group for a few minutes. His name was Jim .he posed aquestion to us on the main values we each uphold as kid I was thefirst to be asked .I mentioned honesty and being caring as the keyvalues I uphold. From that given moment the Jim promised to beevaluating us regularly and rewarding the kid who best displays thevalues mentioned to him. From that day I resolved to adhere to valuesI had mentioned to value most in my heart. Looking down my life thatspecific moment has lived to influence and shape my life to itsbetterment. I have lived to achieve and successfully pass varioustests over the course of my life.

Thevalue of honesty that I mentioned has enabled me to achievevariouslife awards and opportunities that my fellow colleagues who failed touphold the value of honesty failed to get. An ideal example was whenan opportunity arose in our class for one of the students to travelto travel abroad to participate in poem recitation. One of the mainrequirements was the fluency in speaking in the foreign language.Most of my colleagues in class claimed in their presentation thatthey had prior exposure to the foreign language. However, upontesting they were found to know little or no knowledge at allpertaining it. As a result they were punished by the teacher forcheating in order to obtain a favor. At my corner I was in acelebratory having being granted the opportunity to travel abroad forbeing honest. I had openly told the teacher I had no prior knowledgeof the language but I was open to training .While on the trip I madegood friends some of whom have promised me to introduce me to theimport and export business later.

Beingcaring is another value that I have inculcated in to my habits. Sincethe time we made known our best held values to Jim he offered to helpme nurture that value in .None of us knew much about Jim. However, hewas only a humble but extremely wealthy person with all range ofassets. Sometimes he would offer to take us out to Damien Children’sHome to help the little young ones who were orphans. I always ensureI did my best to help them out. The full effect of possessing thevirtue came into being when one day I found an old woman laying onthe road side and I offered to help her out. Upon seeing that thelady was having breathing problems I offered to call Jim to take herto hospital. It all turned out to Jim’s mother who had a series ofhealth complications. Jim gladly took her to hospital and he offeredto buy me a plot next to his mother’s home. Additionally, duringthe annual caring person’s award day I was able to win an accoladecourtesy of Jim’s nomination. I beat a strong field to emerge top.

Giventhe above narration it is evident that some snapshot moments in humanbeings lives may come to define what they end up being in life. Itwas the short time that Jim talked to us that I decided to pursue thetwo virtues fully in my life. Eventually they have come to define meand potentially my future and fortunately to the betterment.