Desert Sage



Althoughdesert sage was exceedingly useful amid the traditional herbalists,it has become neglected by the modern herbalists. Desert sage wasbelieved to have spiritual healing qualities. In most cases, it wasutilized as a diaphoretic and an aromatic during sweat lodgerituals.1During these rituals, sage became burnt at the commencement of therituals and put inside a sweat lodge, where it aided in clearing thesinuses and cleansing the souls and bodies of the sweaters. Anotheruse that the desert sage had was that it was utilized as a burningsmudge. The natives believed that it could be used in driving outevil spirits after the birth of a baby, or in a sick room. Somemodern healers usually utilize the smudge sticks from the plant stillin the same way.

Onthe other hand, the desert sage was utilized for congestion andcolds. The Indians of the West chewed the leaves of the plant for thepurpose of easing bowel disorders and stomach gas. At times, driedleaves became mixed with hot water for the purpose of soaking feetand legs. Besides, the dried leaves were utilized without mixing withwater like a chest poultice.2Apart from the dry leaves, the green leaves were usually enfolded ina cloth and utilized for stopping external bleeding in livestock andhumans. Because of the presence of tannin, the plant was effectivefor the purpose of lowering body secretions.3The plant was also utilized in treating mouth and gum diseases.Furthermore, the plant was used in benefiting patients withrheumatism in this case, it was the smoke that was used by therheumatic individuals.


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