Discussion Board Responses


DiscussionBoard Responses

PrimaryDiscussion Board Response

Humannature is founded on freedoms that are naturally exists in humanbeings, and cannot be ultimately be contained. In an agreement withRousseau’s argument about human nature, I believe that the bestgovernment should be a liberal democracy one that only facilitatesthe enjoyment of the innate freedom of human beings. According toRousseau, human beings have enviable freedom, both physical andspiritual. Each person is created free and has the ability to livewith other people in the context and the limitations of the socialcircumstances. Therefore, a human being will always do things thatwill maintain or uphold his or her freedom. This means that anygovernments should not limit any freedom, but maintain it.

However,governments are important for the regulation of the society, so thatpeople can practice their human nature. Despite having the freedoms,many governments exercise their authority by limiting the behavior ofpeople by exerting regulatory mechanisms. In my view, when thispressure is exerted on people by limiting their behavior in thesociety, it creates a threat to the innate freedom in people.Therefore, it is the natural nature for people to resist and try toregain their freedom. This explains why Rousseau believed thatsovereignty is not vested with the government, but is based onopposing the control of the governments. This shows the origin andthe principle behind the idea of collective sovereignty. It relatesmore on the people than with the government.

Toachieve this sovereignty, there is a need for a common point ofinteraction among human beings. According to Hobbes, human nature,and all bodies in the universe interact as material bodies. This iswhy Hobbes believed that human beings are like machines thatrelentlessly pursue their own interests. However, the interaction ofhuman beings leads to the realization of collective sovereigntyproposed by the ideology of Rousseau. It is my opinion that the lawsgoverning the interaction of human beings to a common point should bethe role of the government. This means that the best type of thegovernment is the one that creates the guidelines for suchinteraction through liberal democracy.


SecondaryResponse 1

Thearticle takes the conception of the human nature as the maininspiration of the government. That is why the writer of the articlebelieves that governments have the responsibility of maintaining thepeace and freedom of the human nature. In my view, the writer of thisarticle is not rational to hold that governments should intervene tokeep the society in order. This is because governments have in actualsense has disrupted the original peace and freedom that people had.Roseau and Hobbes believe in the existence of human nature before thepolitical society. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to task thegovernment to intervene as the article indicates.

Secondaryresponse 2

Thewriter of this post believes that human nature has changed since theviews by Rousseau and Hobbes. That is why this article disregards theperspectives of Rousseau and Rousseau on both the human nature and onthe government. However, it is irrational to hold such a perspective.The author of this article fails to understand that the human natureis the same despite the lapse of time. One main deviation that thisarticle takes is to think that economic activities and social changescan change the human nature. This is a wrong perspective since humannature is the same, only government systems change. Therefore, theassertion that the concepts of Rousseau and Hobbes do not apply today because there was developed centuries ago is inappropriate.