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Divorce,Main Causes

Familyis the foundation and the basic unit in the society. However, familyin the modern society is under threat due to the increased incidencesof divorce. Due to the numerous sociological, emotional and financialeffects of divorce on the spouses as well as the impacts on childrenwithin the family, it is a major social issue in the modern society.Like all things and events in life, divorce is not an accident. Thereare numerous causes of divorce in the modern society. However, thereare some reasons for divorce which are more prevalent. One of themain causes of divorce is poor communication between the spouseswhich is a main cause of misunderstanding. When couples are unable toshare their feelings, a distance is created which destabilizes thefamily. While a successful relationship is founded on opencommunication, lack of it is a major cause of divorce (Alison &ampCornelia, 2008). Financial instability and financial disagreements isalso a major cause of divorce in the modern society. Divorce is alsocaused by high expectations from each other. If the expectations in amarriage are not met, the marriage will most likely be unsuccessful.There are numerous cases of domestic violence and abuses have beenreported in the recent past. These abuses include physical assault,emotional abuse, sexual molestations and rape. Although majority ofthese cases go unreported and many suffer in silent some people optfor divorce out of an abusive marriage, making it a leading cause ofdivorce. Although internal factors within the relationship are themajor causes of divorce, there are some external factors. Theyinclude interference from family members and other factors beyond thecouple control such as infertility or mental illnesses (Alison &ampCornelia, 2008).


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